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Glock - 43 ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

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Why settle for staid and outdated designs when searching for a Glock 43 paddle holster? The comfort and convenience of a paddle is unmatched, but nothing says you have to settle in terms of design and materials.

So many paddle holsters require the purchaser to accept design limitations in terms of retention, paddle attachment and overall construction. This is because the paddle holster is thought to be a convenience item rather than a fully-functional carry holster. Alien Gear doesn't think that has to be the case.

The ShapeShift Glock 43 paddle holster was designed to change everything you thought to expect. The shell is injection-molded ultra-durable polymer, which cannot break under normal conditions. Retention is completely adjustable, as you can set the passive retention to your precise desired setting and install an active retention device if you wish.

This G43 paddle holster can also be converted into a belt slide, just like our previous paddle holster design, the Cloak Mod. However, the ShapeShift requires much less to convert to a slide - all you need do is unscrew the paddle and install the belt slide attachment to the spline attachment that locks into the holster. You can also adjust the cant angle to find your preferred carry position.

It is also compatible with our docking technology, so you can create a docking station on any surface that you can attach an Alien Gear holster dock to. This allows for the user to hold and conceal a 43 paddle holster anywhere you wish to.

Just as with any other Alien Gear holster, the ShapeShift Glock 43 paddle holster comes with Alien Gear's comprehensive guarantee. We believe in standing by our products and doing right by our customers, which is why Alien Gear Holsters has one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.

Immediately after purchase, you can take up to 30 days to evaluate the holster as you wear it. Take the first month of ownership to wear your holster and see if it's to your satisfaction. If not, contact us before the end of the first month of ownership. We will buy the holster back if you aren't happy with it.

You also get a full lifetime warranty on the holster. As long as you own it, the holster is fully covered under this warranty. Anything that goes wrong or doesn't work, any issue that's caused by defect or damage, it doesn't matter. We will fix the holster or we will send you a brand new one, period. That's our guarantee.

It's a whole new universe of carry possibilities.
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