Gun Belt Gear by Alien Gear Holsters

Want some extra gun belt gear? We got something for that. Our extra gun belt gear will give you a bit more flexibility in the gun belt you wear in terms of the belt buckle. Some people like to have extras, but then again a good leather belt can use multiple buckles without issue.

We have two choices for you: Flat Black or Standard Steel.

Our Flat Black belt buckles are blacked out for the tactical look, or in case you prefer something a little more understated than a steel finish. The coating presents a flat black appearance, but won't pit or rust.

Standard Steel is a stainless steel belt buckle that shines like a classy belt buckle should. Just like the flat black, it's finish is practical as well as being aesthetic, as the coating likewise prevents rusting and pitting and ensures a long life of the buckle and belt.

To change buckles, you align the snaps and pull, undoing the belt. Install the new buckle and refasten the snaps. The belt will stay assembled until you decide to change the buckle again, as our directional snaps cannot come undone otherwise.

If you're looking for a replacement belt buckle or alternate belt buckle when the mood takes you, here is the place to get it.