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Alien Gear's home and car gun holster mount systems allow you to safely store or dock your holster and gun in any location you choose. They are designed for the ultimate in convenience when you want to store your gun without having to wear an empty holster, or when you want to safely dock your pistol in a secure location while still being able to access it.


Our home and car gun holster mounting systems are compatible with both our IWB and OWB holster designs, so there's no need to choose only one holster to carry with. Our holster docks allow you to implement an entire carry system for the utmost in safety and convenience without the need for multiple holsters in multiple locations.


Cloak Dock IWB Gun Holster Mount For Home, Office or Vehicle


The IWB holster is the default concealed carry system, but they have been limited when it comes to a vehicle gun holster...until now. Alien Gear's IWB home and vehicle gun holster dock allows you to mount your concealed carry holster where you wish.


You can employ your IWB holster as a car holster, or mount to a wall or office desk when not being used. This allows you to store your gun where it can be easily accessed without needing to keep wearing an empty holster. Many carriers find that aspect of concealed carry inconvenient, but it is no longer necessary for it to be.


Install our IWB holster mount in the location of your choice, or get multiple sets for easy docking in the home, office and as a vehicle holster mount as well. There are many concealed carry holsters for cars, but few that you can carry with outside the vehicle as well. Our IWB holster mounts allow you to simply put the holster and gun back in your waistband when carrying on foot.


Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount


We also have a holster mount for our Cloak Mod outside-the-waistband holster, the Cloak Dock holster mounting system. This holster mount allows you to dock your Cloak Mod in any location that you install your Cloak Dock, which can be attached to any hard surface - including a wall mount, desk mount or car mount for using your Cloak Mod as a car pistol holster.


Some people employ their Cloak Docks and Cloak Mods as car holsters that can be carried if the need arises. Some use their Cloak Mod Paddle Holster as a total carry system including a vehicle holster mount while driving, a wall mount in the home and desk mount while in the office.


The Cloak Dock, though, is only compatible with the Cloak Mod paddle attachment, so you will have to have the paddle attachment installed on the holster in order to utilize the Cloak Dock.


Easy Home, Office, and Car Gun Holster Mount Installation


Our home, office and car gun holster mount systems are easily installed and come with all the required hardware to mount to nearly any surface imaginable. You will find wood screws, drywall screws, metal screws and hardware for mounting to hard plastic for mounting gun holster for car applications on hard plastic interior areas.


The only tool you'll need is a power drill.


For the Cloak Dock OWB, the included mounting bracket bar is designed to also work as a template for tapping holes in the mounting surface of your choice. For the IWB dock, your holster base can be used as a template. Tap the appropriate holes and install the docking hardware with the appropriate mounting hardware.


Holster Mounts Designed For Intuitive Use


Both of our holster mounts are designed for easy use. In both cases, slide your holster into the docking station until it clicks into place, securely locking your holster and pistol into your concealed carry car holster mount, wall mount or desk mount. Remove by unlatching the clips, and draw the holster out carefully.


The Cloak Dock allows the Cloak Mod holster to be docked facing outward or inward, and at any cant angle.


Our IWB holster dock can work with the holster facing inward or outward, but we strongly recommend you only mount your Alien Gear IWB holster facing outward. This keeps the holster and pistol from flexing outward too greatly as there is far less support for the pistol as the unsupported weight will cause the holster to droop. If you need to, drawing will be more difficult.


Additionally, our IWB holster dock CAN continue to work if you adjust your holster's cant angle, though it may become more difficult to successfully dock the holster. You may need to re-install the holster mounting clips for a better fit, though you may - in some instances - be able to continue using it without doing so.


In either case, you have a mounting system that allows you to use one holster as free-standing home, office and car holsters as well as a carry holster.


Comprehensive Home and Car Holster Mount Warranty


Each of our home, office and car holster docking systems comes with a 30-day Test Drive trial period and our Forever Warranty. Take up to 30 days to use your home or car gun holster mount and if it isn't to your satisfaction, return for a refund.


We also extend a lifetime warranty for our holster mount systems. So long as you own it, we will fix any damage or defect, or replace it. Forever.


Are you ready for a whole new way to carry?