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Kimber Micro 9 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

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The usual Kimber Micro 9 IWB holster will certainly conceal and carry...but does it do so as well as it could? A lot of them really don't.

One problem with a lot of Micro 9 IWB rigs is the materials aren't the most comfortable. Another issue is that some of them are just HUGE, which makes carrying a small gun less convenient than it's supposed to be. Some of the most widely available makers also don't incorporate adjustable retention; you're supposed to live with the holster how it comes from the factory.

Do you have to accept this? No, you don't.

We think that all aspects of a holster matter, as a Micro 9 holster IWB that you don't like to wear that much will be one that you won't. We also think that you need to be confident in the fit and retention, else you'll find a different one to carry with.

Those are exactly what the ShapeShift Micro 9 IWB holster is designed to excel at.

Here's how:

Our Shift Shell attaches to the holster base at one anchor point, rather than at multiple points. That allows us to reduce the size of the backer, making it less intrusive to wear.

The backer is designed for comfort, with a Cool Vent perforated neoprene backer that wicks away moisture and breathes. The core is made of layers of woven ballistic nylon and spring steel, which flex when the holster is put on. This seats the holster firmly against you but also conforms to your shape, wearing naturally and comfortably.

The shell itself is locked when attached the holster, so the pistol is totally secured and the trigger guard fully wrapped. Retention is also adjustable by means of the Adjustable Retention Unit. Dial in the hold you want.

You get your choice of belt clips - standard clips, J-, C-, or O-clips are all available - which can also be adjusted for ride height and grip cant, and without the need of any tools.

Not convinced? We'll buy the holster back during the first month of ownership if you aren't satisfied.

However, if you decide to keep it (and we're pretty sure you will!) the holster is fully warrantied for life. Any issue will be fixed or you get a brand new holster.

It's okay. You can shift to a better way to carry.
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