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Kimber Micro 9 ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

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Trying to find a Kimber Micro 9 paddle holster that you can actually use? There aren't too many out there. Most holster companies really only bother making paddle holsters for full-size guns, as they figure that's the only type of pistol that's appropriate to carry with one.

Of the few that are out there for the Kimber Micro 9, they usually aren't durable enough for more than occasional range use. They aren't comfortable to wear and may not even offer much in terms of retention. A lot of generic OWB holsters out there require you to use an active retention device because the holster itself doesn't really fit anything.

Why put up with this? Is this what passes for acceptable when it comes to a carry holster? Nonsense! You deserve better.

And here's how you can have it.

The ShapeShift Micro 9 paddle holster is designed to deliver a secure, comfortable carry with a durable design. The holster is injection-molded from a durable polymer that's all but unbreakable under most conditions. This ensures a quality fit right out of the packaging, and the security that comes with that.

You also can choose your method of retention. You can dial in the passive retention to your exact desired setting with the Adjustable Retention Unit, or install the thumb release for active retention. You may also choose both, and wear the ShapeShift as a Level II Kimber Micro 9 retention holster.

The paddle, which is contoured for comfortable carry and has a retention lip for a secure hold, is locked into place via the spline attachment. This creates a secure connection that cannot be broken unless unlocked by the user. The cant angle is also fully adjustable.

Don't always want a paddle? That's fine. You can switch the paddle attachment with a belt slide attachment, and wear the holster as a Micro 9 OWB holster.

Still not convinced? We'll give you the first 30 days to return the holster for a full refund. We will buy it back if you aren't convinced that this is the Micro 9 paddle holster for you.

The holster is also covered by a lifetime warranty against any and all issues. We will fix any problem or send you a new one.

Get ready for a shift in how you carry.
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