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AIWB Holster for Kimber Micro 380


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Kimber Micro 380 AIWB Holster

For easy concealed carry, one of the better ways to do it is with a Kimber Micro 380 appendix carry holster. It offers easy concealment and - provided good design of the holster - comfort while carrying, and without the ceremony of donning the traditional concealed carry holster. However, many appendix carry holster designs fall down in terms of comfort, which leads to so many people using it once or twice and stuffing the thing in a drawer.

We're here to give you a better breed of Kimber Micro 380 appendix holster. An appendix holster that carries comfortably, while offering far more in terms of security than many competing designs and without compromising a thing in terms of durability.

We start with a comfortable, durable holster base. The neoprene backing cushions you, so you never suffer the gouging typical of other Kimber Micro appendix IWB holster models. The neoprene layer is also perforated, allowing the skin to breathe and wicking away moisture. The middle layer is woven ballistic nylon and spring steel, giving the holster a firm but flexible spine, anchoring itself to you but fitting your shape.

The ShiftShell is designed to fully wrap the trigger guard, keeping the pistol more secure than almost any other holster on the market. Most holsters press the slide into place. The ShapeShift Kimber Micro appendix holster fully wraps and cradles the gun, then anchors the holster to the carrier.

The result? A Kimber Micro 380 appendix carry holster that holds the gun better and more securely than any other, and wears more comfortably than any other. Many users report that while it makes appendix carry more easy than any other holster they've tried, it works just as well at any position on the body. You also can fully adjust the retention to your exact specification via the Adjustable Retention Unit.

Along with the features of the ShapeShift Kimber Micro .380 Appendix Carry Holster, you also get Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee. This includes the 30 Day Test Drive trial period and the Forever Warranty. You can fully expect this holster to last through years and years of faithful service, carrying comfortably and concealing easily.

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