Mantis Pink Rhino - Laser Training Cartridge - 9mm


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Improve Your Aim with the Mantis Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge
Perfect your shooting technique with the Mantis Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge. This innovative dry fire training tool fits into the chamber of your firearm, emitting a laser beam with each trigger pull to simulate live fire. It's compatible with most laser-based training systems, offering a safe and effective way to enhance trigger control and accuracy without using live ammunition. Ideal for both beginner and experienced shooters, the Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge allows you to practice anytime, anywhere.
Main Features:
  • Fits into firearm chamber for dry fire practice
  • Emits laser beam for shot placement feedback
  • Compatible with most laser training systems
  • Enhances trigger control and accuracy
  • Safe and effective training without live ammo
Upgrade your training routine with the Mantis Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge and achieve precise shooting accuracy.
Not compatible with Girsan, Hi Point, Laugo Alien, Ruger SR series, Ruger 9E, Tanfoglio, and Walther CCP Firearms. Using with Hi Point firearms will damage the Laser Cartridge. May not work in some firearms with a Loaded Chamber Indicator at or near the 12 o'clock position, such as the Ruger SR series.
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