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Love it by Ryan on 08/20/2018
ShapeShift OWB Paddle Carry Expansion Pack

Bought the shape shift drop leg holster for competition steel shooting and it works unbelievably well. Once I set the retention I can just drop my gun in and it clicks tight and there's absolutely no getting it out without the thumb break.... perfect. ...for comp shooting I removed the thumb break

Excellent holster by Ramon on 08/20/2018
ShapeShift Ankle Holster

Very good product, I recommend 100%

Quality and Comford by Clifford on 08/20/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I purchased this holster because of my experience with other Alien Gear products (ShapeShift) that I have currently used. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 26 years of duty, and carry daily still. I purchased this Close Tuck holster for my Walther CCP, 9mm, because currently (August 2018) this weapon is not supported by the ShapeShift system. During my time using it I have found it to be of very high quality and workmanship. The padded backing material does an excellent job of keeping the holster in one place, and manages to breath well keeping my skin dry throughout the day. Because of the aforementioned quality and workmanship and my comfort level, I have replaced the other name brand holster. The only cons that I can find are only in the fact that Alien Gear has managed to out do themselves by creating the much more versatile ShapeShift line of equipment, which I will up grade to if and when that line also supports the Walther CCP and Ruger LCPII. Make no mistake...This is one of the best holsters I have worn in my life. However, it is meant or a single weapon and has no other options (like under the desk). But if you are like some people and only carry one weapon, then this would be my choice.

Real game changer by Clifford on 08/20/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I am a retired L.E.O. (26 years) service and still carry daily. I originally ordered the ShapeShift Core Pack in February of 2018, for my Glock 30SF which is my EDC weapon. I made the purchase because I wanted the versatility the system provided. The system allows me to carry my weapon in a variety of different positions, as needed depending on the activities of any day. I usually carry IWB, and have found this padded holster back to be the most comfortable that I have yet worn. It seems to breath well, and causes no irritation to my skin over long periods of daily use (12-16 hours). Should I decide to carry either my Glock 19 or my Ruger SR40 it is a 45-60 second time period to switch shells for either or those weapons. I have mounted the desk attachment permanently and can, within seconds, remove the holster shell from my belt paddle and attach it under the desk using the same shell that was on my belt. The aforementioned alone has allowed me to dispose of several different holsters. I consider this system very useful and am planning to purchase other modules of the system to further expand to other modules to meet all of my needs. It is my intent to replace all of the holsters I have with Alien ShapeShift equipment Additionally I plan on purchasing additional modules to better meet my needs. Where was this system before I retired? It could have save me hundreds of dollars.

Quality product by Anthony on 08/19/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Love the feel of this holster. Quality built and rugged. Best holsters you can buy.

Comfortable and concealable! by Andre on 08/18/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

First let me start by saying I never do product reviews for anything usually, but this 3.5 warranted me to do one. Ordered on August 15th delivered Saturday August 18th, Amazing speed! I have over a dozen holsters for my 1911 Commander and this is by far the most comfortable, most adjustable, most snug to my side IWB holster I've ever worn. The concealability options are great, the tweaking of the cant is great and the clips actually hook on to your belt unlike other more expensive holsters. I've even worn it without a belt and the clips hold just as good. I am extremely pleased with this product! I don't feel cold steel or a sharp pointing hammer in my side with the neoprene backing. It's perfect. Most definitely will be buying alien products for my other carry firearms after trying this one. Will definitely recommend.

Better than before by Daniel on 08/18/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

After having the tuck 3.x for a few years I truly did not think you guys/girls could improve on perfection.Oh how wrong I was! After unpacking my new ShapeShift 4.0 and dialing it in, it is truly on a level no other holster can touch! Comfort, fit and finish, adjustability, I cannot say enough about how good this holster is. I got the basic kit and can now see myself plundering the add-ons for a truly fit anything go anywhere system. I have not acquired alternate shells for my other DC pistols but soon will! The comfort is in a class by itself. No print through, secure retention system, easy draw and the list goes on and on. Now that I have my 4.0 I can finally send in my 3.x for some needed repairs to the neoprene backing that came slightly unstitched due to daily use for 2 years. I just didn't want to be without it while warranty repairs were under way. The price for what you are getting is truly unbelievable. I have bought holsters that cost twice as much and had nowhere near the fit and comfort that Alien Gear brings to the table. Search through the options list, pick the holster for your unit (they are adding new models steadily) if it is available and just order it! You will not be disappointed! Best holster ever!!

Great shell as always! by Sean on 08/18/2018
Finished Shell for Semi-Automatics

Sent my old shell in to swap, and in less than a week,my new shell arrived.customer service is always spot on and the shell is perfect!Don't hesitate to buy!

Nice Clips by Jim on 08/18/2018
Toolless J Clip

Nice to be able to change the clips to be less noticeable.

Best Mag Carrier by Jim on 08/18/2018
Double Cloak Mag Carrier

The best mag carrier I have found. It's great to be able to carry one or two.

Great holster by Kenny on 08/18/2018
Shape Shift Shell

Got it for my gen 5 Glock 19 even tho at the time of order they had nothing for the gen 5. Gun still fits in holster perfectly fine. Love this holster. I have one for my Glock 27 and m&p shield 45 also. Best holster i have and i have many.

Holsters that fit by Big E on 08/17/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I needed owb holsters for three different weapons. This is the only place that I could find all three in one place.

Customer service was great by Big E on 08/17/2018
Double Cloak Mag Carrier

I ordered 2 single mag carriers and miss ordered one carrier. Customer service was great when I called and explained the problem. They helped me out and saved me about $10 by returning both and ordering a double mag carrier.

Great Shoulder Holster! by RSK on 08/17/2018
ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

Although I own numerous OWB and IWB holsters, this is my first shoulder holster. As another reviewer said - it came all setup and ready to put on and adjust to my body size (a very easy process). I must agree with the other reviewer who thought it would be a good idea to add a leather cover over the double mag holders to enhance the overall comfort of the rig.. I ended up removing the upper mag carrier and it is now much more comfortable (not digging into my side). I highly recommend this setup for anyone looking at a shoulder holster carry option.

Awesome Customer Service by Daniel on 08/16/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I forgot to mention in my other review that their customer service was amazing. I called and got right through to a rep. I had an issue with a piece of the kit and they sent another out right away. Customer service is seriously lacking with a lot of businesses today, especially online but not here.

Very good holster for the money by Daniel on 08/16/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

This is a very good holster for the money. The 4 pack is definitely the best value. Even though I will never carry appendix, I will carry in the other 3 configurations and the core carry pack is worth the money. Highly recommend.

10-65 in progress by UneasyPatriot on 08/16/2018
Holster + Mag Carrier Combo

I bought the Cloak Tuck 3.5 a few months ago. I made the mistake of letting my wife borrow it and now she refuses to give it back! Thief!! I thought about fileing a police report but didn't want to get stuck sleeping on the couch so I gave up and decided to order another one. I know better than to mess with an armed woman. All joking aside, we both agree these are the best holsters we have ever used. The only issue we've had is a screw backing out but a little blue loctite solved that problem. It's nice to see top quality American craftsmanship again. In a world of Chinese made stuff, these holsters truly are alien!

Great holster. Landing pad won't stay attached. by Joe on 08/16/2018
Landing Pad

I love Alien Gear holsters. I have an IWB holster and this is my second. I tried 2 landing pads in my car. The first one was on the side carpet to the right of the steering wheel. I placed it there, waited 36 hours for it to cure, and attached the holster. It held for a couple days and then began to peel off. I tool a second landing pad and placed it on the plastic below the steering wheel. I waited 48 hours and attached the holster. Once again, it lasted a couple of days and peeled off. My suggestion is to find a landing pad with a stronger adhesive.

Quality Product by Robert on 08/16/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I am very happy with the performance of this holster so far. I carry IWB behind the right hip, and the holster is not only comfortable, but barely shows at all even when wearing normal (non-tactical/uniform) pants. The materials are high quality and very durable, and the adaptability of the design is very convenient. I would highly recommend this holster.

Quick, knowledgeable, informative staff. by James on 08/15/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Went in with wife to purchase a cloak holster for her new LCP II. Walked out with a new cloak shell for her LCP II and replaced my cloak for my shield 9mm with a shape shift. Allison was awesome, she explained the advantages and how I could get all of the things I wanted for less CASH by purchasing the set. Now my wife has what she wanted and it only cost $15 for a new shell and I was able to move up with the shape shift!!!!! One happy family

SATISFIED by Killer Bee on 08/15/2018
Walther PPQ 4 inch 9mm/40cal Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Just got my holster today, im about to wear it around the house so I can break it in. I live in VA, ordered my holster just 4 days ago and got it today. Very impressed with how fast i received my order. I may need to adjust the holster itself my ppq fits a little too tightly but that's no problem. Only thing im a little disappointed with is Alien should send a free mag carrier with a holster order for first time customers, which I thought it did until i came back on the site and revisited the page. Set of clips are included..not mag carrier :( . oh well cant be mad over my misconceptions.

Great holster by Lynnae on 08/15/2018
S&W Shield M&P M2.0 with Factory Laser (9/40) Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

First off i want to say i am so happy to.have finally gound the right fit for my gun. I searched everywhere and came up pretty empty. Alien gear is great! The holster is perfect and the fit is fantastic. Delivery was so fast from order to delivery took only 3 days! I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Great upgrade by Gary on 08/15/2018
Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster Base for Semi-Automatics

This is a great upgrade! Love the new bases

Only one problem by Michael on 08/15/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

This holster is extremely comfortable and well made. I had an issue with the retention adjustment, called customer service and got a new one free of charge in a couple of days. The only problem that I have is the overall thickness. I got this holster for my g26. I can't conceal this holster at all. So it sits in the drawer and never gets worn.

Very pleased by Steven on 08/14/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I ordered the cloak slide OWB for my 40 cal since it is a little big for IWB but, I also ordered the cloak tuck IWB for my 9 mm. Now, if I want to carry the 40 IWB I just switch the covers. Both feel good on my hip and after adjusting the cant on the IWB, my 40 hides pretty good too. I searched the other brands and for the money you can not beat the value of this pair.

One thing by Jay1975 on 08/14/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

I really like this holster, but I just wish there was another belt loop option that would allow for a forward cant option for larger framed guns. As it is, this will be my winter holster, but I still will choose the Alien gear Shapeshift over any of my other holsters I have sitting in the closet now.

5 stars by Mike on 08/14/2018
Glock - 43 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

The most comfortable and concealable holster I have ever had I love it

Excellent ! by Walt on 08/13/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Actually better quality than I expected. Fit, finish and function perfectly matched to what I need. Shipping was days ahead of schedule. Could not be more pleased.

IWB works well with single stack, not so much with a double stack by Michael on 08/13/2018
Single Cloak Mag Carrier

Bought 2, one for a 1911 standard mag., another for a standard Glock 19 mag. Unfortunately I don't like these mag carriers for OWB because of the clips. They are just too big for a 1.5 inch belt. I have a Bigfoot gun belt and the clips allow the mag to slide between belt loops pretty easily. Doesn't really work well if your mag is in a different spot when you go to grab it. As far a IWB goes it works well for me using the single stack 1911 mag, the double stack Glock mag is just to thick comfort wise so I have been wearing it between my belt and pants.and that seems to work better. I also don't like the length of the IWB neoprene backers. The 1911 mag is longer and the backer works for it. the glock mag is shorter, but the backer is the same length and for me not being a skinny guy the top of the backer has curled over the top making drawing your mag with speed harder because it's in the way. The adjustable retention is really good for both mag carriers and the hex key being hidden away is a good feature. I really think Alien gear needs to go back to the drawing board and offer some different retaining clips for both the mag carriers and holsters as well. The polymer clips just become weaker over time.

Upgrades over 3.0 are worth it. by Michael on 08/13/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I have worn a Cloak Tuck 3.0 for the last 2 years on a daily basis. The new cloak tuck 3.5 features work well. I like the tool-less clips and the new neoprene. My only slight. complaint would be that after receiving the new holsters I did not realize how much the plastic clips had weakened until I put the new clips on my belt. I also think shipping costs could be improved a bit.

Almost Perfect by Jay1975 on 08/13/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

First, let me say that I love the Shapeshift system. The paddle holster makes a great range set up or a general outdoors/open carry holster. The IWB 4.0 is pretty much perfect as is. The AIWB is comfortable all around the belt from the 1 o'clock back to the 4 o'clock, but I do wish that there was an angled clip option that allowed for a forward cant on the gun. The same goes for the OWB slide. It is a great holster for a smaller framed gun, but without an option to add a forward cant to it, it doesn't conceal a full size gun well at all. As I said, I love the system, but it would be closer to perfect if there were some forward cant clip/belt loop attachment options. I am still pleased with it overall and wear it every day.

Makes conceal carrying a Ruger American .45 easy! by Brad on 08/13/2018
Ruger American Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

After buying so many holsters with much dissatisfaction, I thought that I would give AGH a try. Let me say that hands down this holster is the best!. Conceals very well and wears very comfortable! High craftsmanship and made in the USA! What more could you ask for? Wait,...There's more! Arrived in four days from date of purchase! Love it so much, I just purchased another AGH for my Ruger LC9S.

Extremely Comfortable by DumbAzzGuard on 08/13/2018
S&W M&P Shield 9mm ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

When I first started to research the Shape Shift I thought it would be a pain to have to take it apart and reassemble every time I wanted to "shift" the holster. It could not be easier. Before the holster arrived I watched several videos on how to assemble and disassemble the various"shapes" this helped tremendously and I had no problems or pains. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars across is the IWB belt regular belt clip. Hate it. Do yourself a favor and get the J, O, or C clips. You won't be sorry.

Great holster with only 1 problem. by TJ on 08/11/2018
Glock - 34 Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Great holster! Comfortable, adjustable, and easy to use. The only one problem is the holster for Glocks with laser intermittently activates the laser. You must use a hair dryer to heat up the shell and lift the area that covers the trigger of the gun so that it will not make contact with the button that activates the laser. This company has been notified of the problem for over 3 years and have done absolutely nothing about this issue. Great product with an easy fix for its one flaw but the company is too lazy to do anything about it.

Well made by Trucker1 on 08/11/2018
Kimber - 1911 Ultra Models 3 inch Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

My Kimber ultra cdp ll fits perfect in this holster very easy to draw and return to the holster. I would recommend this holster to anyone wanting a good quality well made holster

Great quality holster by Steven on 08/11/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Love my holster, customer service is great! Had to swap out my shell, was really easy and received it back in less than a week.

AWESOME!!! by Dale on 08/10/2018
SCCY CPX-2 Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

What can I say? First - very quick shipment! Ordered it on a Tuesday, got it on Friday of the same week. Second - the product is great! Very comfy, very easy to adjust to my comfort level. All in all - 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, 10/10......

Fit by Jester on 08/10/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Purchased an Alien Gear Holster for my Glock and loved it so I decided to buy 2 more for my other CC weapons. Was a little uncertain because I had to get on for the Bersa Thunder because there was no firestorm listed and it turned out to fit very well. Just an FYI for people that may be considering for this gun. Other than that also got one for my 1911 45 and both quality and price excelled again. Cannot recommend Alien Gear enough. Super fast shipping and great products. I am very happy.

Great product at a great price by LAURA on 08/10/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Great product at a great price from a great company. Fast shipping and hassle free exchanges. Will definitely be ordering from Alien Gear again!!!

Love the IWB configuration by ART on 08/09/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I love my Cloak Tuck IWB and I love the ShiftShape IWB even more. Switching from one configuration is intuitively and it is fun switching it from one form to the other. The cosmetics on this holster is great and it was well designed and built. However, the AIWB, which I intend to use when I'm wearing dress pants is too bulky. Even when I'm wearing regular jeans, it feels too thick and bulky. I also find the thumb release on the OWB configurations to be a little clumsy. The mechanism that releases the weapon from the holster bends outward if it was not pressed straight down and will not let the weapon deploy. For the reasons I have mentioned above, I will not be using the OWB and AIWB configurations of my holster.

CCW approved holster by Carlos on 08/09/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

After having this holster for some time since I ordered it. I am highly impressed. My Glock 19 double stack has been difficult for me to chose out there in the market would be best for concealment and not feel so worried it wasn't concealed properly. I walk with my glock in confidence I can always carry. Great design and even though my body sweats a bit, I dont sweat more where the holster is and in fact keeps my body cool. I plan to purchase another once I decide for a good compact one. Thanks again and excellent work on your product .

Best Holster on the Planet!!! by John on 08/09/2018
S&W M&P Shield 9mm ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

What I really like about this holster is that it is tool less to make adjustments. I love how you can get different shells for all your handguns to fit the holster base. Let me talk about comfort. I received my holster yesterday. I mowed the lawn and washed my truck this morning with my M&P 9MM Shield. Plenty of walking and bending, I could never do this with any other holster I have owned due to lack of comfort. This holster is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. Which to me is the most important factor in buying holster. It's like your not even wearing a holster even sitting down. The Shape Shift 4.0 holster is one of the best products I have ever bought. The price is great and its a modular system. So in the long run it will save you tons of money. Top notch quality and lots of accessories you can add to it. I love the 30 day test drive and forever warranty. If you tired of wasting money on other holsters try this holster you wont be disappointed. Awesome product Alien Gear

Just okay for the Glock 19 by Adam on 08/09/2018
ShapeShift OWB Paddle Carry Expansion Pack

I love the shape shift IWB holster I bought for my Glock 19, however, this fails to live up to the niceness of what I was hoping it would be based on that. My guess is this holster would work great for smaller firearms. The problem I have with this holster is the latch point to the paddle. It is really far forward on the barrel of the gun which means when holstered most of the weight of the gun is above said latch point. This causes the firearm to lean really far away from the body. I still like it, but probably won't carry it as much as I originally thought, just because of this point.

Great IWB Holster by Adam on 08/09/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

As this was my first holster with my newly acquired CCDW, I had been told by everyone to come to alien gear first. I am so glad that I did, I am a large man, and I wear this every day at the 4:30 position and have absolutely no problem. This is a great addition to my lineup.

Thigh holster/backpack holster by Keenan on 08/09/2018
ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

Talk about super fast shipping!!! Ordered on Sunday had them on Wednesday!!! Fit my pistol like a glove. Locks in tight no worries. Awesome product. Very comfortable and easy to wear

Great Overall by TomTom on 08/07/2018
Springfield XDM 3.8 Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I've Gotta Start Off With The Great Response And Turn Around Time From Time Of Order To When I Received It, ONLY TWO DAYS! The Holster Is Extremely Comfortable, Only Thing I Could Tell Is The Leather Started Cracking Before I Even I Put It On For The First Time To Feel It, Before I Even Placed The Firearm In It, But Very Well Built, And Sturdy. As Far As Mechanism And Fabrication For Parts And Pieces. Including The Extras They Sent. I Will Be Definitely Recommending This Holster And Will Be Making More Orders, I Just Hope The "Leather" Holds Up As I've Worn It For About A Week Now And Can See Some Significant Wear And I Am Not Performing Any Strenuous Activities.

It would be nice to adjust can't on this holster. by Rupp on 08/07/2018
Springfield XD Subcompact 3 inch barrel Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Can't adjust can't..

GOOD UPGRADE by Nan on 08/07/2018
Leather Loops

These loops are quality grade and not too expensive when compared to others in the market. They cant well on the waist and provide greater retain-ability than the originals plastic belt clips.

Impressive by Hammer on 08/06/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I'm a believer of the KISS Rule. This system although not strictly simple is not very complicated. That said, I had the opportunity to use the appendix carry with my XDS for a training exercise in 90+ degree heat. With a subcompact it can be moved to hip as well and was very comfortable. Also used IWB for VP9. I also found this to be very comfortable. Both holsters maintained form for easy re-holster. Played but did not use the paddle attachment. Not a fan of paddle holsters and this was no different.. I have not used the OWB so I cannot comment, only an observation. The thumb release appears somewhat flimsy. I will try this at a later date. My biggest complaint is that AG does not provide shells for many popular handguns, hopefully this changes. My next criticism is due to system components attachment to mounting surfaces, places the handgun in reverse orientation , not a biggy but repetitive motions should be performed the same way when possible. In all the appendix and IWB configurations were some of the most comfortable I have experienced.

Very pleased by Jerry on 08/06/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I ordered the Cloak 3.0 shortly after they came available in 2015 and have used since receiving it. I am not an everyday carrier, but do carry 3-4 days a week. The 3.0 has served me well and is comfortable enough to wear all day long. I love the adjust-ability and retention of this product. When I ordered the 3.0, I was carrying a full size Sig Sauer. Just recently purchased a Sig P320 Sub-compact, so I am trading in an old shell for the new one. It is great that a company will let you do trades without an extra fee. Love my Alien Gear 3.0.

Alien Gear Holsters is ranked 4.88 out of 5. Based on 6623 user reviews.