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Alien Gear Holsters Reviews

Rated 4.83 out of 5 stars. Based on 6853 Reviews

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack. by deckman on 02/21/2019
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Excellent product, I didn't know a holster could be this comfortable. Well worth the money & quality is outstanding. .The only thing that sucked was shipping took so long waited over 2 weeks to get it

Great Product by WS on 02/20/2019
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

The versatility of the ShapeShift Core Carry Kit is impressive. It is over whelming at first when you open the box and see all the parts and holster attachments, but taking the time to go through it and see how it works you catch on real quick. I feel like the outside the waist belt holsters sit out a little far from the the body and have used other paddle holsters that i like better. Overall though great product and the options it gives the user is awesome and being able to use multiple guns with the ShapeShift kit is nice also, just buy a separate hard shell. Highly recommend the ShapeShift kit. Customer Service is great as well.

Amazing! by Larry on 02/20/2019
S&W M&P40 4.25 inch barrel ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

So this might be a little long. I just got my shoulder holster today. I received it a day early. The holster is nice. The leather is real leather no fake stuff. Fit amazing after adjusting it. I switched out the snap with the thumb release. Has that reassuring click that make you know the gun is secure. Now for the bad the only bad I have is not even about the holster it self it is with the instructions. The instructions have you putting everything together but the holster come put together so it takes some figuring to attach the thumb release and moving the cant to where you want. I thing the instructions need to be revamped to a lot more user friendly. Now a big bonus is they send you everything you need so you can use the same holster no matter what format you want. Bad side it does make things a little more confusing when making adjustments. All in all amazing product for a great price I will be telling all my LE friends about this amazing holster

Very pleased by JeyyAlan on 02/19/2019
Glock - 39 Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Very pleased with my purchase.. shipping was very fast for the lowest cost. I've seen a lot of holsters at shops and this one looks expensive. Glock fits perfect. It is comfortable. Leathers stiff but as expected being brand new. . Satisfied A.F. thanks Alien Gear

Awesome products! Awesome Service! by Gio on 02/19/2019
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I can't say enough good things about this company all around! The products and service are top notch! I love my shapeshift starter kit and the customer service team has been a real pleasure to work with!

Very comfortable holster by RAL on 02/18/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

This is a very comfortable holster.. I wear it at the 1:30 position and hardly notice my weapon.

Great product !!!! by Leo on 02/18/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

I am pretty new to conceal carry , and I already have a draw full of holsters, but this will be the last holster for me, for awhile. I love my 3.5 cloak IWB, very comfortable. I really do love this holster. I carry my Ruger Security Nine in it with no problem .

Awesome by Jamjunkie on 02/17/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

I've had mine for over a year now and love it. I'm a weapons trainer and recommend these to my students.

Best holster I've ever purchased by Harry on 02/17/2019
S&W SD9 VE Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I've bought lots of holsters over the years and this one is no doubt the best I've had.From the minute I opened the package I could see and feel the quality.Now I wanna get an Alien for all my guns.You can tell they take a lot of pride in their holsters.

Best IWB Ever!!! by BlackJackG2C on 02/16/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Receive my 4.0 IWB holster yesterday and i immediately fell in love with how comfortable it feel.. Everything about this holster is perfect. I especially like the trigger guard. Great Job Alien Gear!!! Will definitely be doing more business with you in the future.

Over 20 years of gun carry experience on several different platforms and I am here to tell you this company beats them all. by JDARNELL on 02/16/2019
ShapeShift Pocket Holster

I have carried a handgun for over 20 years, on several different platforms, and I am here to tell you this company beats them all. If you are unsure of which way you are wanting to carry this is the holster company for you. I have probably owned over 50 different holsters and I think I may have found my last company I will ever use. Risk free satisfaction guaranteed Lifetime warranty Unbeatable period. 15 years law Enforcement. 10 years firearms instructor. 10 years CCW instructor. Shooting since I was a little guy of 6 years old.

Would recommend by Curtis on 02/16/2019
S&W M&P Shield 45 Caliber ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

I ordered this merely as a last resort because I couldn't find a holster for my M&P 45 Shield I liked that would fit. I HATED spending $63(after shipping and tax) on it but the second I took the holster out and holstered the firearm I IMMEDIATELY stopped caring about the cost. It slid in with an audible "Click" from the active retention and there was absolutely ZERO rattle. It fit snug as a glove from the word go and I LOVE it.

Great holster by Ryan on 02/15/2019
Glock - 17 Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

All around great holster. Extremely secure, close fitting to body. Fits and works great with my gen5 G17.

Awesome Comfort by Wisperharry on 02/15/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

This holster form fitted from day one ....Love it!!!

Best holster by Ricky on 02/15/2019
Glock - 22 Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I have used a lot of holsters. My Alien Gear is the best I have owned. The quality and workmanship is excellent and the retention is perfect right out of the package. I like the nag holder I purchased also. I had to adjust the retention on the mag holder and now its perfect.. I can say with confidence that I will be buying more alien gear products now.

Great Quality by William on 02/14/2019
ShapeShift Holster Mount

Easy to install and extremely strong in thin plastic inside a vehicle.

Outstanding customer service by David F on 02/14/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

I received my holster and had to contact alien gear through chat to resolve a minor issue. I lost service during the chat on their website and immediately received a phone call from one of their reps. They acknowledged the minor issue and sent me a brand new replacement holster! And they even told me to keep the old one and not to worry about sending it back! I am very very impressed. I will be purchasing from them again in the future. Thank you again btw!

out standing holster system by freonman on 02/14/2019
H&K HK45 Compact Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

this outside waistband system is very comfortable and serviceable

Unfortunate by Ryan on 02/13/2019
Beretta 92 - Full Size (Also fits M9) Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I've had this holster for somewhere around a year now along with the OWB holster. I had an issue with the OWB when the screws that hold it together came apart. Today the same thing happened with this one. Its unfortunate because this is the most comfortable IWB holster I've owned for any of my pistols but I cant trust them to stay together even on admin. work days. Their customer service is amazing, but I don't want to keep having to send off my holsters for repairs.

Excellent IWB Holster by Styles Bitchly on 02/13/2019
Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9mm/40cal 3 inch Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I've had this holster for about a year, and wear it for six to ten hours at a time. It's my favorite holster for my Springfield XDM subcompact. The only negative remark I can make is that it can be noisy if used in conjunction with a leather belt - as can any leather holster. The holster itself is Kydex, but the assembly to which it is mounted is leather. It's a minimal squeak, but very noticeable in quiet environments. It is very comfortable, completely hides my pistol under any shirt, can be easily adjusted for pistol cant, and can be worn from small of back to side carry. It could possibly be worn appendix carry, but I doubt it would be comfortable. I'm very glad I bought this holster, and would recommend to all my CCW friends. You won't find a better holster in any price range.

Good Not Great by Anthony on 02/13/2019
Glock - 26 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Not a ton of reviews here so I'll add my 2 cents. The company is great and responsive and I've carried their cloak tuck 3 for around two years now with no issues - other than the need to allen key the clips every now and again - so I didn't hesitate to return to Alien Gear for my next holster. The IWB included in the Shape Shift is probably the best "4 o'clock" holster I've ever used. It's super comfortable and conceals very well. It's strange at first as the half shell only attaches to one side of the backing but the adjustable retention feature still keeps it in place and while wearing it, it isn't going any where. That's where the positives end. The AIWB option is legitimately unusable. It looks bulky but the pictures don't do it justice - its huge! The paddle holster looks cool but who cares? This is basically one MAYBE two good options pretending to be a full on modular system that you'll use every day but it's not. Buy the IWB 4.0 and call it a day. If you carry AIWB - look elsewhere.

Great producto but.. by Raul on 02/13/2019
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Great product but the iwb belly isn't good for concealment to big. And also half the gun stay out of the simetric, need some extra accessory to push the half of the gun inside the jeans , will depend the type of body. But after all the thing you get it's a good price and quality.

Exceeded my expectations! by Jason on 02/12/2019
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Purchased the Core Carry Pack expecting a well made product based on all the research I've done. Got the kit today and must say that my expectations were far exceed. The quality of the entire kit was great. Extremely happy with the price. The IWB option is the most comfortable I've ever worn. As long as Alien gear makes a holster for my future firearm purchases, They've made me a customer for life

Best Holster I have ever owned. by Ben on 02/12/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Ok I ordered this holster a few months ago and all I can say is I love it so much I recommend it to everybody. I wear it every day during any task I do. I have even slept with it on and weapon in it and didn't feel anything. Once you buy one of these holsters and start using it on a daily basis you will see what I'm talking talking about.

Comfortable but tough to get on and off by Big H on 02/11/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Love the way it feels once you get it on. Not the easiest holster to put into place. Conceals the carry very well.

It's what I expected and more by Brian on 02/11/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Good fit for a big guy. Took paddle off and made it belt. Great product

Im in love by RyanPM on 02/11/2019
Springfield XDs 3.3 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

Lefty drop leg for my xds45 This thing is awesome. It is comfortable and well made. I took off the passive retention and only use the level 2 button. Looking forward to getting more add ons. Like the pals/molle, an extra mounting plate and maybe a owb.

Simple and clean by WAX on 02/11/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster fits so well with my new revolver. Super comfortable to wear. Easy to holster and unholster. Very smooth. My experience with the OWB for my auto is exceptional also. No other holster I tried feels this good.

best holster on the market by Rodney on 02/10/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

after trying different iwb holsters i bought this holster a couple years ago for my baby glock 27 and its the best by far ease of use comfortable and durable carry everyday no signs of wear. I'm now looking to buy the OWB Slide holster for my Walther PPQ. M1 winter carry. I absolutely love it. I know everyone has their preferences but Alien Gear Shapeshift is mine.You get a 30 day free trial if you don't like it you can return it for 100% refund it has a lifetime warranty so you can't beat that.

Sig Sauer 1911 CARRY DOES fit the shapeshift holsters!!! by Boskii on 02/09/2019
ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

i have been watching this particular holster for bout a year waiting for reviews to see what others had experienced. after a few reviews i decided to order mine shapeshift shoulder holster for self defense and conceal carry purposes. i own a Sig Sauer 1911 in a carry model (not full size). On the sight a sales person said they do not have a form fitted holster for Sig Sauers but the 5" full size 1911 case should work.... i decided to take a chance and trust my instincts and the rep. i received my holster in the mail and on the bag it said it would NOT fit my gun....i was disappointed but i did not give up. I decided to adjust the holster and put my Sig Sauer carry 1911 in and it fit perfect!!!! no button clip needed it fits tight and snug. i jumped, ran around and it stayed!!! i cut the back of the full length holster down to 4" to help better conceal my firearm and it still fit perfectly, It didn't affect my gun fitment at all. Alien gear has my definite approval. Hopefully they surprised themselves after reading this review!!! I would love to sponsor them any day and stand by their product for years to come. Thank you Alien Gear!

Great product? by Todd on 02/09/2019
ShapeShift Ankle Carry Expansion Pack

Great product and quality. To make it better they could offer a strap for people that have bigger calfs. Also make adjustable tilt angle.

Blown away by Bones on 02/09/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

I've never even liked the idea of IWB holsters. All I could think was how uncomfortable it must be. Recently I started a new career that is completely different from anything I've ever done and part of it is to look more professional. Nicer close, shirt tucker, belt dress shoes every day. Something I'm not used to. So I had to adapt my carry. I knew I need to do 2 things: get a more compact carry and a more concealable holster. After long and months of research I chose a Sig p365 and to go IWB. I looked into just about every brand I heard of. I watched countless YouTube and read many reviews, but especially product reviews of someone having their holsters for a year or more. Got to say, that's what hooked me in to alien gear. I found several reviews for alien gear that had been used by someone for some time. All I saw and read was how it still functioned, still comfortable, still tight, ect. All I found were good reviews. So that made my decision along with the iron clad warranty I kept hearing about. I jumped onto the website and got me a ShapeShift for my P365. I got it within a few days. First thing I did was read up on everything and set it up. I wore it all day. I'm blown away. My first day and I love it. Extremely comfortable, and this coming from a big boy. I would unhoslter for a while just to see how it felt, light as a feather. Could easily forget it was even there. Solid grip to me, didn't move at all from were I set it even when I would purposely rub up onto tables or walls just to see if it would. I would sit down and stand up multiple times to see how comfortable that would be and how much it would control how I would have to do so. And with it so snug on my side, wow that was a huge difference for the OWB carrying that I have been doing. No one I talked to could even tell. Fantastic product, looks amazing, awesome concept of convertibility, and time will tell but it feels pretty durable to me. I look forward to testing it for some time. I plan to get magazine holsters next and later thinking about at least getting the shoulder holster for days I'll be suited up. And one more thing when I went to log on to type up this review, I thought it was a nice touch that alien gear goes ahead and registers my holster I got. I sometimes forget to do that and can't tell you how many times I have bought something from that brand's website and had to register it myself.

Awesome product by Bobby on 02/09/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

5 star rating total

customer service by Brandon on 02/09/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

You have to give credit where credit is due. A great American company. Not just a great product but a amazing company! Honest, helpful and customer first. Proud to have you guys in the Northwest. If you Idaho boys ever need to expand your more than welcome over here in Eastern Washington. ;)

Good choice by Hoss on 02/08/2019
Remington RP9 Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Glad I went with alien gear great product for the price and good warranty also. Snug fit for my pistol

Hands Down Winner by Tom on 02/08/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Like most others I have a box of old concealed carry holsters I no longer use. I spent a lot of money on those holsters and I consider them learning experiences. I would have saved a lot of money if my first holster was the IWB Shape Shifter. The IWB Shape Shifter is the best holster I have ever used. It is secure, discreet, and comfortable. After about 18 months of almost daily carry, it only shows light wear. This is the only holster I have ever forgot I was wearing and I never have to re position it. I was concerned about sweating under the neoprene backing but this proved to be a non-issue; even in Florida. If you are on the fence about this holster, learn from my experience and that of countless others and try this one. You will be glad you did and save a lot of money to boot.

Feb 8th 2019 by Paul on 02/08/2019
S&W M&P380 Shield EZ ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

Overall I like the holster. It fits well and holds tight in the pants. The gun fits very nicely in the holster. The big flaw that I found was the retention tab that you have to push to release the gun. If you don't hit the push tab down towards the back of the tab, it will not release. The push tab is long which fits your thumb nicely but you have to forget that part of the tab. It's a very awkward moving tab. I am not happy with that part at all. If I had to pull my gun quickly, the odds of hitting the tab at the wrong spot are very high. I sure hope this gets addressed. I can not in good faith even wear this holster knowing this flaw.

Good looks and an unusable death grip of firearm. by Mitchell on 02/08/2019
CZ - PO7 ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

I bought the Shapeshift OWB for my CZ P-07 pistol. The holster is nice and detailed. The outer shell has hash marks that match the CZ marks on the slide and even a molded square to match the serial number square on the slide. That is nice attention to detail. The pad that lays against your body is high quality and comfortable. Lay the holster on the table and insert your firearm and you will find the pistol will slide in and out quite easily. Using a key you can adjust the tension on the holster. Putting the holster on is where a big problem arises. Once you strap on the holster and tighten your belt you find that the Shapeshift OWB grasps your firearm with a death grip as though it wants to give your attacker the edge while you struggle to remove your firearm. Returning the pistol is an annoying chore too as you must do it with equal force used to remove the pistol. I adjusted the tension over and over to find that the death grip remained. Holding the holster in hand the pistol can be removed and reinserted with ease. Place it back on your hip and you must yank your firearm out with deliberate force and shove it back in with determination. After examining the holster I find that holding the holster in my hands I could apply slight pressure on the two belt loops and get the pistol to lock up in the holster. The issue? Well, the holster comes as a half shell and when thread your belt through the loops and tighten your belt the belt puts pressure on the holster's belt loops causing the molded shell to flex and bend. This puts pressure on the firearm which makes it difficult to remove in time of need. I think that if the mold was a full mold with front and back to reinforce the shell it would reduce to flex or better yet remove to belt loops that are attached to the shell and place the loops on the pad then it wouldn't put pressure on the shell. I like the brand but, this design doesn't inspire confidence when needed.

Great holster for the price by Alex on 02/08/2019
FNH - FNX 9 Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

This is my first iwb holster I've ever bought; I am still new to the CCW world, but I absolutely love how this holster works with my FNX 9- it surprisingly hides the FNX-9 well, and is incredibly comfy and seems durable. These are highly adjustable (cant and retention) and are probably the best holsters in existence for my particular firearm.

Great product!! by Ty on 02/07/2019
Canik TP9 SA Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I just bought this holster after a friend recommended alien gear and it is great it came super fast and right out of the box I loved it! It is super versatile and fits my gun perfectly! Also I love that it comes with a warranty this is a great product hands down!

Amazing Product and great value by Kyle on 02/07/2019
Glock - 27 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

You honestly could not ask for more out of this set. Not only does it come with everything you could ever need but it also fit my gun perfectly. Some of the configurations can be a bit tricky to assemble but the tight fit is totally worth it in the long run. I would 100% buy again and look forward to adding to my collection! Keep up the great work.

Nice Holster by Harold on 02/07/2019
Sig P365 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

I am happy with the purchase!

awesome holster by Haus on 02/06/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I have had my carry permit for two years now and have faithfully worn my Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB every day, sometime 12+ hours and it is comfortable and easy to conceal. I am looking to get a second carry pistol and will for sure purchase another one.

Best IWB holster I have worn. by matthew on 02/06/2019
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

My first Alien Gear cloak tuck was instantly comfortable to wear all day. Easily adjusted to my carrying preferences, So when that one was worn out, I was excited to see there was a new, improved version, The cloak tuck 3.5. Small improvements to an already excellent product. I carry every day. My holster gets put on when i dress in the morning and i take it off at night before bed. I work in the construction industry and work in all weather, constantly moving, in and out of equipment and trucks, bending over and walking around, This cloak tuck is the ONLY holster I have found to be comfortable from the moment i put it on to the moment i take it off. Easy to draw, and easy to re-holster. Best gun accessory I have ever bought, hands down!

Works as expected by DWAYNE on 02/06/2019
ShapeShift Pocket Holster

The design of the holster makes it easy to draw and leave the holster in your pocket. The design also masks the shape of the gun pretty well. The ease of changing from pocket to ankle with the modular shape shift product is very convenient. The product also arrived ahead of schedule.

Great "bang" for your buck. by Brandon on 02/04/2019
Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I have the xdm 3.8 compact in 45. If you use the largest rubber grommet, it will fit this gun perfectly. I have even taken a run with this on and it held perfectly. Great bang for your buck. Will definitely be buying more from aliengear. Thanks

Colt Cobra in a Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster by Cobra Holster on 02/04/2019
Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster for Revolvers

Was looking for a holster that would fit my Colt Cobra 38 spl, post 2017, revolver and after inquiring with chat rep decided to try the holster for the Colt Detective Special as there is not one listed for the Cobra. I was reminded that I had a 30 day trial period and if it didn't work I could return it. I am pleasantly surprised that the holster I ordered does work with the Cobra but not a perfect match. I feel if the barrel sleeve end was more open it would allow the gun to set further down into the holster and cover a little more of the trigger area. As is I feel safe with the amount of cover for the trigger. The revolver is retained well and it provides an easy draw and re-holster. (I do re-holster with my thumb on the hammer to sense any movement and have never had any issues with trigger catching on anything.). Have other Alien Gear Holsters and am pleased with all of them, do wish this one was a 4.0 though.

Great products by KingFish on 02/04/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

These are genius! I have the shape shift paddle holster and a dash mount. At first, it was difficult to remove while pressing the release. CS suggested a dab of white grease. Boom! Now, I do like!

Great IWB by Bear on 02/03/2019
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

This holster works great. I use it both currently for my Glock 19 and Sig P365. The ability to switch out shells to accommodate different guns is what drew me to Alien Gear. The design and production of these systems is really extraordinary. I can wear this for hours especially with the Sig P365 and forget it is even there, very comfortable. Well done Alien Gear

Best ankle holster I've ever used! by Dustin on 02/03/2019
Sig P238 ShapeShift Ankle Holster

This is by far the best ankle holster I've ever used, the bugbite ankle holster was previously my favorite, but even with my S&W bodyguard 380 it would eventually ride down and risk exposing my pistol. The ShapeShift ankle holster does not do this, and is a far superior ankle holster to anything out on the market, I carry a Sig p238 in mine, and it works flawlessly. I only have 2 real complaints, firstly, I am a bigger guy, and this holster just barely fits my ankle, if my ankle got any bigger I would be unable to secure the velcro straps of the holster. Secondly, I have found the base ankle strap has an elastic band that crosses directly beneath my heel, this proves to be extremely uncomfortable when standing for long periods, if these two issues were addressed, I could whole heartily endorse this holster!

Alien Gear Holsters is ranked 4.83 out of 5. Based on 6853 user reviews.