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Ruger LC9s Shoulder Holster


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ShapeShift Ruger LC9s Shoulder Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A Ruger LC9s shoulder holster is actually a great way to achieve deep concealment without taking up space inside the waistband, in a pocket or on the ankle. You get more convenience than with waistband carry, you don't get the tell-tale pocket carry lump and you can actually get to it in a reasonable amount of time, unlike with ankle carry.

But you do have to get the right shoulder holster for LC9s pistols though. If it doesn't fit right, carry comfortably, or hold the pistol's going straight in the holster drawer, onto Craigslist or the rubbish bin.

That's why Alien Gear poured months of design work into our Ruger LC9s leather shoulder holster. We want you to not only use it, but like using it. We want you to have the shoulder carry that's best for you, not the shoulder carry that's best for our bottom line.

The leather straps articulate and find a natural resting point on your shoulders with the clover harness assembly. The front straps are also padded with our CoolVent neoprene, and the straps adjust to find the perfect length. Our shoulder holster includes belt hooks, which anchor the shoulder holster, distribute the weight better and pull the gun in tight for easy concealment.

Adjustability also extends to the holster itself. Adjust it up and down for the perfect ride height. You can also adjust the cant angle, in case you wish to carry horizontally, with a positive or negative cant, or vertically. The holster itself, our ShapeShift half shell, is custom-molded for the LC9s and has adjustable passive retention. There is also a removable thumb break strap should you wish to carry with one.

Wondering if you'll actually like the holster when you try it on? That's okay! Part of our Iron-Clad Guarantee on our holsters includes a 30 Day Test Drive, during which you can return the holster for a refund if unsatisfied. We also warranty the holster for life, against all defects or damages that might occur.

You absolutely can carry with a Ruger LC9s shoulder holster. Find out how good one can be.

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