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Ruger LCP II ShapeShift Ankle Holster


ShapeShift Ruger LCP II Ankle Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Ankle carry is ideal for a tiny pistol, if carrying as a backup gun, and for just that purpose we created our Ruger LCP II Ankle Holster for concealed carry. This is an ideal system for when waistband carry isn't feasible, or if you want to carry a smaller gun as a backup to a primary weapon system.

Unlike other designs of ankle holster for Ruger LCP II pistols you may have tried, this holster is designed to carry comfortably, securely, and with better fitment and retention of the pistol than many others can offer in an ankle rig.

You'll notice the holster has more support than any other ankle rig. Ours uses a two-piece design, with a heel loop and ankle wrap. The ankle wrap, which has the holster attached to it, docks with the heel strap via a durable polymer insert, creating horizontal and vertical tension for extra stability.

Comfort will not be an issue either. The straps are made with Alien Gear Holsters' proprietary CoolVent Neoprene, a ventilated neoprene fabric that wicks away moisture and breathes against bare skin. This keeps you cooler and drier than many other ankle holster designs.

Worried about footwear? Don't sweat it. Ride height is adjustable, so you can set the holster to ride high enough to be worn in 8-inch boots. You can also adjust it lower, so it stays just above the ankle if wearing with low-top sneakers or other footwear. Adjust as needed.

You also get custom fitment and adjustable passive retention. The ShapeShift shell fully wraps the trigger guard, for added security, and since this ankle holster is custom-molded for the Ruger LCP II, you get a perfect fit right out of the packaging. No break-in is needed; it comes ready to carry.

You also get our Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period to return your holster for a full refund and a Forever Warranty, a full and comprehensive warranty on your holster against any defects or damage for as long as you have it.

Start your Test Drive today, and find out how good ankle carry can get.
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