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Ruger LCP II ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster


ShapeShift Ruger LCP II Appendix Carry Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

There's no reason to carry with a Ruger LCP II appendix carry holster that doesn't carry comfortably. There's no reason to carry with one that doesn't fit your pistol well or allow you to adjust retention to your desired setting.

If you don't like carrying with a Ruger LCP II appendix holster, you aren't going to carry with it. We set out to create an appendix holster that you will want to carry with and with the innovative design features of the ShapeShift Holster System, it may be the last one you need in your collection.

This LCP II appendix IWB features a durable, comfortable holster base that cushions you as you wear it. The backing layer is our CoolVent neoprene, a ventilated fabric that cushions but also wicks away moisture and breathes against the skin. The edges are bound for further comfort, so you won't have to feel the edges of the holster.

The spring steel and ballistic nylon core give your LCP II AIWB holster a firm, flexible spine, flexing to fit your shape but staying strong enough to last through years - if not decades - of daily use.

The retention shell of your appendix holster for LCP II pistols is custom-molded, fitting only the LCP II and no other pistol. You get a custom fit, but without the lead time or break-in period, as it comes ready to carry.

Retention is fully adjustable, and requires no tools of any kind. Use the locking nut on the ShapeShift shell to dial the Adjustable Retention Unit to the exact setting you prefer. Want a tight hold? You got it. Slick draw? You can get that too.

You also get your choice of belt clip, as we include a wide and low-profile narrow clip with your LCP II appendix carry holster.

This holster also comes backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period - during which you can send the holster back for a full refund - and a lifetime warranty on the holster itself.

If you'd like to shift into appendix carry, get your Test Drive started and find out just how good it can get.
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