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Ruger LCP II ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster


ShapeShift Ruger LCP II Drop Leg Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Sometimes concealment is just not on your radar, and it's for times like that we created the Ruger LCP II Drop Leg Holster. This holster and platform are designed to carry comfortably and securely through any activity and any environment, and give you enough customizability so that you can set the holster perfectly to your preferences.

The platform of your Ruger LCP II leg holster is molded from an ultra-durable polymer blend, all but indestructible under normal conditions. Our leg platform is also contoured so that it fits well against the leg, never digging into you and holding close.

The leg straps are elastic, which lets you get a good secure setting on your LCP II tactical holster but without discomfort. It holds tight, but doesn't cut off your circulation. The belt loop is heavy duty nylon web, with industrial strength hook and loop fasteners. Once attached, this holster stays put.

This is no "universal" LCP II tactical leg holster. The holster is custom-molded for this make and model of firearm, as the ShapeShift Modular Holster System is made to fit your firearm only. You get perfect fitment right out of the box, with no need for break-in time. It comes ready to get into action.

You also get a great deal of customizability. Cant angle is completely adjustable, so get the holster set exactly how you like it. Retention is also customizable, as the ShapeShift holster comes with removable passive and active retention devices. Carry with adjustable passive retention, a thumb release for active retention, or both.

You'll notice additional docking splines on your LCP II drop thigh holster. These are for Alien Gear mag carriers. The leg platform can carry up to four along with the pistol, more than a good deal of other drop leg holster platforms for this pistol.

The ShapeShift holster included with your Ruger LCP II drop leg holster is also compatible with additional ShapeShift attachments, including our MOLLE holster adapter, backpack holster attachment and the paddle holster/belt slide OWB attachment as well.

You also get the benefit of Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. We guarantee you a 30 Day Test Drive trial period, during which you can return the holster for a full refund. We also warranty the holster for life, so any issue will get fixed or we'll send you a brand new holster as long as you own it.

If you're ready for a shift in the quality of your carry, get your Test Drive started today.
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