Ruger SR40c ShapeShift Holster for Appendix Carry


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Ruger SR40c AIWB Holster

The idea behind appendix carry has been around for centuries, but comfortable holsters for it have only recently been engineered. The ShapeShift Ruger SR40c AIWB holster innovates this centuries-old practice with a modular, comfortable, concealable, customizable option for the everyday carrier.

Alien Gear changed appendix carry by designing a Ruger SR40c appendix holster with customizable retention and cant. By installing the included retention bar, the gun owner has full control over the level of retention, and by adjusting the cant the carrier will control the holster to be as accessible and secure as possible.

Carefully layered materials make the holster as reliable as it is comfortable. A moisture-wicking, soft, perforated neoprene presses against the body while a high drag Alien Skin texture sits in the front, enclosing a spring steel core for flexible, firm structure and a layer of ballistic nylon for durability and reinforcement.

The high strength polymer shell complete encloses the trigger guard for passive retention, but has a slim profile that contributes to concealed carry with zero printing or snagging.

The materials on the ShapeShift Ruger SR40c AIWB holster are made to last, but are completely covered by Alien Gear's lifetime warranty. We will replace any piece or component that becomes a problem, or simply send you a new holster.

To add to that, try the holster out for 30 days and if it doesn't match your preferences, we'll buy it back from you with no questions asked.

This Ruger SR40c appendix holster is made in America by patriots for patriots. We support your sidearm just as much your rights to carry. And if that carrying preference changes from appendix to OWB, or, well, anywhere on the body, the modular ShapeShift system allows the carrier to easily reconfigure the holster without any tools to meet their needs.

The ShapeShift holster provides options for a gun owner to completely control every aspect of concealed carry.
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