Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster for S&W M&P Shield 9mm


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An OWB paddle holster is typically defined by its simplicity. But why can't a paddle holster simplify the entirety of open and concealed carry?

The ShapeShift M&P Shield 9mm OWB paddle holster is defined by its innovative modularity, a seamless system built to transition between carry styles like the OWB paddle to appendix IWB at the drop of a hat without any tools.

Consider this: that paddle clip can be removed within moments with just your hands and replaced by a classic IWB holster backer. That's a reality with this adaptable everyday carry holster system.

The ShapeShift OWB paddle holster's cant may be adjusted by pressing a single button, lifting it from the paddle clip, twisting it to the preferred angle and reattached to the beltline.

The adjustable retention unit may be tuned tighter or looser with one of the Shift Shell's twist locks. An active retention thumb release, which is included, may be installed to make it a Level 2 holster.

Pair the ShapeShift OWB paddle holster with the holster mount, which can be installed on compatible surfaces to make off-the-body storage a safe and reliable reality.

The Shift Shell is the core unit that may be transitioned between the different carry systems, but the Shift Shell may be swapped out for other fitted models. This means multiple handguns can be carried in multiple holsters, which are all part an interconnected system.

The ShapeShift prioritizes a wide spectrum of gun owners' preferences, carry styles and firearms. You might say it's not even a one-size-fits-all holster; it's a multiple-sizes-that-fit-everything-imaginable holster.

The ShapeShift OWB paddle holster is made in America and backed by a free Forever Warranty and 30-day test drive. Give it a shot for a month, and if it doesn't fit your needs, then we'll buy it back with no questions asked.
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