S&W M&P40c Compact 3.5 inch barrel ShapeShift Holster for Appendix Carry


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A S&W M&P40C appendix carry holster should be the perfect way to carry. It's easy to put on, easier to conceal and keep your CCW close for when you might need it.

The problem of course is that most appendix carry holsters for this pistol - or indeed most pistols - just aren't that fun to carry. Once inserted into the waistband, it will sit just fine...until you try to bend forward. Like at all. Then you get kydex and your gun digging into you, which doesn't feel too good.

Also, the materials of many M&P40C appendix holsters aren't terribly comfortable to begin with. Hard plastic doesn't feel good against the skin. Neither does leather to a lot of people, which is also prone to hot spots.

Not all makers incorporate adjustable retention into their designs either.

We might suggest an alternative - the ShapeShift M&P40C appendix IWB holster. It's been designed with the limitations of many appendix carry holsters in mind, to give you a far more comfortable carry.


The backer. Instead of a plastic pancake, our appendix carry holster uses a hybrid design with a comfortable backer that doesn't dig into you with sharp plastic edges or rub you raw with leather. The layer that goes against your skin is ventilated neoprene, which helps your skin breathe and wicks away moisture while providing a cushion.

We custom-mold the Shift Shell for the M&P40C, so the fit is perfect out of the packaging. Many find the shell itself is all the retention they need, but you can also dial in the passive retention to your preferred setting with the Adjustable Retention Unit.

You also can choose a larger or smaller belt clip, in case you like a holster belt clip with a smaller footprint.

But you don't have to completely take our word for it.

We give you a full month to return the holster for a full refund if it isn't to your liking. We think you'll never want to carry with anything else.

You can also rest easy about the warranty, as your M&P40C appendix carry holster comes fully warrantied for life.

Make a shift to a better carry.
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