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S&W M&P9 4.25 inch barrel ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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S&W M&P9 Drop Leg Holster

What does it take to make an S&W M&P9 drop leg holster that's actually worth carrying with? You will need a few details to be made right.

First it should have good retention. You really shouldn't get a universal holster unless you have no other choice. Good retention is necessary with an M&P9 leg holster, as you have to keep the pistol holstered while wearing it around the home, at the range, in the woods or wherever you happen to be carrying it.

It helps if an active retention device isn't sole source of said retention.

The fit and comfort of a S&W M&P9 drop thigh holster should make carrying comfortable. Straps shouldn't double as tourniquets, the thigh platform should fit comfortably against the thigh and once totally secured, should not come undone at all.

And we have just such an M&P9 thigh holster.

The Alien Gear M&P9 drop leg holster platform is molded to fit comfortably, giving you a stable platform that wears comfortably. The strapping is durable but also comfortable as the thigh straps are elastic and will hold securely without chafing.

The thigh rig docks with our ShapeShift OWB Holster, custom molded for your make and model of pistol. Never worry about an anonymous fit again, as many people find the holster retention itself to be adequate. However, passive retention can be dialed in to your preferred setting. If desired, you can add an active retention device if you wish as well.

You might also notice additional docking splines. These are compatible with our Cloak Mag Carriers. Carry up to four along with your pistol.

Comfortable, durable, good fitment and retention, and the ability to carry four extra magazines...not many S&W M&P9 drop leg holsters can offer you that.

And not many companies offer a guarantee like we do - the Alien Gear Iron Clad Guarantee, which also comes with this product, including the 30 Day Test Drive and a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Looking to open carry with greater comfort and security. No need to check out a distant galaxy; you just need to find Alien Gear.
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