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S&W SD9 VE ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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S&W SD9VE Drop Leg Holster

The SD9VE is big enough to open carry, but still small enough to conceal - but on those open carry occasions, a S&W SD9VE drop leg holster is easily one of the best choices in open carry holster. No other way of carrying openly is as comfortable, or puts the pistol in as convenient a location to draw.

If such a holster offers sufficient retention, and carries comfortably, that would make an SD9VE leg holster ideal for open carry around the house, in the outdoors and definitely at the range.

The issue, of course, is finding an S&W SD9VE thigh holster with those qualities. Not every holster company makes them available for this firearm, and those that are aren't really always up to par.

Alien Gear doesn't think you should have to go without. We have created an SD9VE drop thigh holster that wears comfortably, carries securely, and can make open carry so much better than you've ever thought it could be.

The thigh rig itself is a stable platform, molded from our proprietary durable polymer that's almost unbreakable under normal conditions. The thigh straps are elastic but also heavy-duty, so they stretch for greater comfort but don't give once fastened. The belt loop, made from strong nylon web, won't let go once fastened.

As to the holster itself, this thigh rig uses the ShapeShift SD9VE OWB holster. It docks securely, and is adjustable for cant. The holster itself, being custom-molded for the pistol, gives great retention. You can dial in passive retention to the degree you wish, or add an active retention device if you so chose.

You'll also notice additional docking splines, which are for our Cloak Mag Carriers. You can dock two single or two dual mag carriers, carrying up to four magazines along with your handgun.

Not sure you'll like it? Take the first month of ownership to wear the holster and test it out. If you discover that you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund during the first 30 days of ownership. You also get a lifetime warranty against all damage or defect. You'd be hardpressed to find a better product guarantee.

Find a better thigh carry, with Alien Gear.
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