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Sig P320 Compact/Carry .40 cal Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)


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Cloak Tuck Sig P320 .40 Compact IWB Holster

The Cloak Tuck Sig P320 .40 Compact IWB Holster is a classic carry holster design, giving you a secure, comfortable carry at an outstanding value. Many holsters for this pistol are made in the exact same manner but ask much more at the point of entry, but we here at Alien Gear don't believe in padding the bottom line just to do so.

You'll notice the difference between this Sig P320 .40 Compact concealed carry holsters and others of similar design the second you put it on. Plush 12-0z leather makes for a comfortable carry, and has a long service life. So many other makers use a thinner leather base, which wears thin soon after it starts to break in.

You also have color options, as you can select a Sig P320 .40 Compact leather hybrid holster in black or brown.

To the holster base is mounted a custom-molded retention shell, ensuring a proper fit with this Sig P320 .40 Compact IWB. The fit aids in retention, which is also fully adjustable at the four mounting bolts. Along with the holster is included a Parts Pack, which includes full sets of short and long length hardware, so you can fully customize the fit.

Ride height and cant angle are fully adjustable by moving the belt clips up or down. This allows you to get the carry position of your choice.

This holster is made in the USA and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. This comprehensive product guarantee on your Sig P320 .40 Compact IWB holster includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase and our Forever Warranty for the lifetime of the holster. We will even trade retention shells with you if you trade in your gun for a different one but want to keep using your holster.

If you're ready for a better concealed carry at a shockingly good value, start your Test Drive today!
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