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Sig P320 Compact/Carry .40 cal ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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ShapeShift Sig P320 .40 Drop Leg Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

If waistband carry isn't practical - or if you just don't want to - the ShapeShfit Sig P320 .40 drop leg holster is as tactical as it is tactical. This secure, comfortable holster puts your pistol in a naturally comfortable and easily accessed position, perfect for range days, woods carry or any other application you could conceive for it.

This Sig P320 .40 tactical holster starts with a custom-molded holster shell, which also fits the Sig M17 pistol fitted with the .40 S&W slide and barrel. The fitment is so precise that the 9mm version of the P320/M17 is not compatible with this holster, nor vice versa. That gives you the utmost in security as well, as a secure carry begins with precise fitment.

The leg platform of the ShapeShift Sig P320 .40 tactical leg holster is molded from a durable polymer blend, tough enough to take anything you can throw at it and more. It's contoured to sit comfortably against the leg, perfect for carrying for extended periods. The thigh straps are elastic, drawing tight without causing discomfort.

You secure this Sig P320 .40 leg holster via the belt loop, made of heavy duty nylon web and industrial-strength hook and loop fastening. Along with the durable buckles of the thigh straps, this holster holds securely until you decide it's time to take it off.

The ShapeShift holster comes with both active and passive retention for the utmost in secure carry. The retention profile is customizable, as the thumb release device can be removed should you wish to carry with passive retention only.

The leg platform includes two additional docking splines, which are are for use with Alien Gear magazine carriers. Besides your pistol, you can also carry up to four spare magazines with this Sig P320 .40 thigh holster.

The ShapeShift Sig P320 .40 Drop Leg Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. This comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase and our Forever Warranty, a lifetime warranty on the holster against any defects or damage.

Shift into a better carry and start your Test Drive today!
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