Rapid Force Level 2 Holster Shell


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The Level 2 Holster is an outside the waistband holster with level 2 retention. This latest addition to our Rapid Force holster line is built for those needing a more compact holster while maintaining compatibility with their current Rapid Force Quick Disconnect System. The Level 2 Holster is the perfect partner to the Level 3 Duty Holster and is great for unmarked or off-duty work. This holster meets the needs of detectives, executive protection, and officers both on and off the job.

The Level 2 Holster is a classic level 2 holster that features:

  • Rapid Force QDS Compatibility
  • Intuitive draw for reduced time to competency
  • Slim, minimalist design while maintaining the strength and durability Rapid Force is known for
  • Accommodates most suppressor height sights
  • Optics compatible cut out
  • Light Bearing
  • Made in the USA

The Rapid Force Level 2 Hoster comes with a 30-day field test drive and a 3-year, manufacturer warranty.

Important Information:

  • Light-bearing option must have light installed.
  • The No Light Level 2 holster does not accommodate the Sig P365 Elite, P365 XL Elite, and P365 X Elite models IF AN OPTIC IS INSTALLED due to the co-witnessed optics.
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