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ShapeShift Sig P938 Drop Leg Holster


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Sig P938 Drop Leg Holster

The things you need from a Sig P938 drop leg holster are generally the same as what you'd need from any holster.

A Sig P938 leg holster should carry comfortably. It should ride securely. It should have good fitment for the gun and good retention, so it can carry securely. In other words, it should be a holster that you'd want to actually use.

Unfortunately, so many leg holsters don't really deliver. As a result, when we set about creating our Sig P938 drop thigh holster, we wanted to ensure that it would be a holster that could be relied upon when carrying. One that you would actually want to wear. A drop thigh holster that would actually get used.

And that's exactly the kind of P938 thigh holster we made.

Fitment and retention aren't an issue, as our P938 thigh rig docks with the ShapeShift OWB holster. It's custom-molded to only fit the 938, so you won't have to rely only on a thumb strap to keep the pistol holstered. You can dial in the passive retention to your exact desired setting, though the holster can be equipped with an active retention device if so desired.

Cant is also adjustable, should you wish to do so.

As to the thigh platform itself, we craft ours from a durable polymer blend that's almost unbreakable under most conditions but also contoured to fit the thigh comfortably. You'll carry in comfort, but also in knowing that the heavy-duty strapping will keep the thigh rig secured to your leg. Elastic thigh straps also ensure that you won't have to lose circulation to secure the holster to you.

We also install docking splines that are compatible with our Cloak Mag Carriers, allowing you to carry up to four spare magazines along with your pistol. Perfect for range days.

In addition to the features, our Sig P938 Drop Leg Holster also comes with Alien Gear's product guarantee, including the Forever Warranty and 30 Day Test Drive.

Make a shift to a better open carry.
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