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Springfield XD 4 inch barrel ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster


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Note: Does not fit .45 acp variant of this firearm.
For open carry on those occasions where you'd like to, a Springfield XD 4-inch drop leg holster may be the best way to do it. A good one rides comfortably, puts the pistol in an easily accessed position, and retains your XD with perfect security.

A nice bonus would be if your XD leg holster could carry spare magazines as well.

But what to look for in a Springfield XD drop thigh holster? First, it has to be comfortable to wear. That's a deal breaker if it doesn't. Fitment of the pistol is also important, as a bad holster is a bad holster no matter where you wear it; you don't want to leave it up to a bad thumb break strap. It should also secure easily both to the thigh and - via the belt loop - to the belt itself.

Not every XD thigh holster is going to have all these qualities, however. And why settle for one that isn't good? There's no reason to, and we're going to show you why you don't.

The Alien Gear drop thigh holster for this make and model pistol gives you a comfortable, secure and convenient thigh carry, with none of the drawbacks of lesser thigh holsters.

Here's how:

The thigh rig itself is molded using our custom proprietary polymer, which - through precise design and thorough testing - is all but unbreakable under normal conditions. It won't fail, and believe us - we tried. It's also contoured to fit comfortably once secured to the thigh.

The thigh straps are elastic, fitting tightly and securely though also stretching to fit comfortably. No need to cut off your circulation. The belt loop is made from the strongest nylon web we could find, so once it's secured to your leg and your only comes off when you want it to.

As to the holster itself, you can wear either the ShapeShift OWB holster or the Cloak Mod OWB with a special adapter. Since either holster is custom-molded to the pistol itself, the fitment is perfect out of the box. Cant angle is adjustable, as is retention. In fact, ShapeShift users can add an active retention device if desired.

You'll also find two additional docking splines. These are for use with Alien Gear Cloak Mag Carriers, as the XD 9mm drop leg holster is compatible with both single and dual mag carriers. Carry up to 4 extra magazines at a time.

Don't sweat the guarantee. Ours is Iron-Clad, and this drop leg holster comes with both the 30-Day Test Drive and a lifetime warranty.

Discover a better thigh carry.
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