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Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 45ACP 3.3 inch ShapeShift Core Carry Pack


Please note: The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, formerly known as the Starter Kit, has been renamed to better represent the four most popular “core” carry styles within our growing modular holster system.

ShapeShift XD Mod 2 45 3.3-in Subcompact Holster Kit by Alien Gear Holsters

Why track down every single one, when you could get every XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact holster you might need at once? No
more need to track one down after the other; you're ready for just about most methods of carry that people use
on a regular basis.

Think about it: if you're the sort that incorporates carry into their lifestyle, you wind up needing a few different
types of holster to fit it. You'll need a dedicated XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact concealed carry holster for most days.
You'll likely want an open carry holster for those times when concealment isn't necessarily desired, maybe even a
holster that can carry openly or concealed if called upon.

You might even want an XD Mod 2 45 appendix carry holster if you prefer appendix carry at times, or just want a
smaller-footprint IWB that's well-suited to grab-and-go concealment.

Alien Gear's ShapeShift Modular Holster System makes it easier to have all the XD Mod 2 45 gun holster
configurations you might want. Our innovative holster shell swaps between carry platforms in seconds, without the
of tools and with no loss in fitment, retention or comfort of carry.

The the ShapeShift XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact Holster kit, you get the components for the following holster

XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact IWB Holster for comfortable concealed carry, with a durable and comfortable holster base and
belt clips that are adjustable for ride height and grip cant.

XD Mod 2 45 Appendix Carry Holster, with a scaled-down IWB holster base for comfort and a single belt clip, perfect
for appendix carry or a smaller IWB elsewhere.

XD Mod 2 Belt Slide OWB Holster, a belt slide OWB holster that rides high, tight and comfortable, perfect for open
and concealed carry with minimal layering.

XD Mod 2 Paddle Holster OWB, an ultra-durable OWB holster with both active and passive retention, designed to carry
through any conditions imaginable.

Each holster configuration takes only moments to assemble, without needing tools of any kind. The fitment is custom,
as the ShapeShift holster shell is custom-molded for your XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact. All ShapeShift holsters fully
enclose the trigger guard for added security, and all feature adjustable passive retention.

You also get the benefit of Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee, which includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period -
during which we will buy it back if you aren't satisfied - and a lifetime warranty on all components and parts of
your XD Mod 2 45 Subcompact holster kit.

Get your Test Drive started, and see just how easy the ShapeShift Holster System can make carry for you.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 / 5 (Based on 328 Reviews)

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I am liking this holster pack Review by Thud
I almost never submit reviews, feedback or surveys. Everywhere you go from the grocery store, drug store, doctors and seemingly every time you buy anything online I get swamped with requests to do the above. I can say that I am beginning to warm-up to the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack. There are so many configurations and options it almost boggles the mind sorting and watching Alien Gear how to videos really helped. I am an IWB wearer and I find this configuration very comfortable; can't wait to try the other setups. I chatted with Alien Gear reps about getting a few extra weld nuts and button screws and they accommodated me. This is why I am happy to recommend Alien Gear. (Posted on 9/23/2019)
good holsters Review by Rick
Comfortable to wear. Easy to switch around from one configuration to another. A little wider than some other holsters but this makes it easier to put the pistol back in the holster. (Posted on 9/13/2019)
just perfect Review by Darren
no matter what you cant go wrong with anything you purchase from alien gear. 30 day test drive plus for- ever warranty (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Great rig for a good value Review by Todd
I've always been a strong side hip carry guy, never even tried the other options such as appendix etc. This pack allowed to me try different options without having to buy a holster for 100$ and then find out I disliked XYZ mode of carry. It's sturdy, fits well and functions well. I did have a bit of a issue that my adjustable retention knob would not turn. So I simply took it off, saw that it was misaligned, fixed it and put it back on. Took me all of 3 minutes to do.

It comes in a nice box, packed well, with easy instructions. Yes there is some "assembly" required, but if that is a deal breaker then I'm lost as to how you even stripped down your carry weapon for maintenance.

It's a great deal, especially for those new to EDC. I've settled on my go to of strong side hip belt slide and it's comfy and retains my weapon well.

Just buy one already. (Posted on 9/1/2019)
All around good system. Review by Edd
I have had the chance to check out this system and am very pleased with what I have found. The IWB is my favorite configuration, but for those days when I am working around the ranch and concealment isn't a concern the paddle system was extremely comfortable and practical, While I am not a big fan of appendix carry that holster was also very comfortable when placed in the right spot, it also allowed me to use the same position as the IWB when I needed less printing in lighter clothes. The only thing I didn't try was the slide belt, mainly because everything I wanted was covered by the other units. (Posted on 8/17/2019)
Guns that need to be added Review by Chris
Alien Gear Holsters should one day make Shape Shift shells for an FN 509 and a Heckler & Koch USP9 compact for this set someday. (Posted on 7/30/2019)
great holsters, lefties pay attention Review by Anuran
if you, like me, are left handed, and you want a holster to fit a gun configured for left handed use, the half shell design will give you absolutely no trouble and be an amazing holster. if, however you, like me, want a full shell holster, you may need to do some modification. the gun I'm currently carrying is a CZ P-07, with the mag release swapped for left handed operation, the first time I tried to holster the gun, it wouldn't engage the retention, when I finally got iy to engage, it dropped the magazine free because the right half of the shell does not have the relief cut that the left side does for the mag release. it would be amazing to see the holster modified with the following relief cuts placed on both sides: magazine release clearance, decocker/safety relief both sides. other than these two minor inconveniences, this holster is well constructed, durable, and will last me years. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. (Posted on 7/29/2019)
Excelent Review by Edgardo
Uffff excellent combo. Love everything, the material, the feeling just amazing job and is made in the USA (Posted on 7/24/2019)
Great set up, IF you don't do external modifications to your pistol Review by TF
PROS: This is a GREAT set , A LOT of options, GREAT value, GREAT quality.
GREAT CUST. service
EXCEPT their website chat help, initially my kit came with the long slide release (which is only for the 1911, according to the booklet), and I asked her to send the right part, she was RUDE and said if its in my kit then it was the right one, I told her the booklet that came with the kit said that the larger thumb lock was only for 1911 and that i just wanted the correct part, she then said it will fit dont worry about it, and kept saying i was wrong, she just kept insisting it was the right part and that i was wrong, and then just closed the chat window? so I called them and they were A LOT better on the phone.

CONS: you cannot have any external MODIFICATON on the pistol or it wont fit in the shells, (I.E. I had the Vickers Extended slide release on my G26 and it wouldnt fit in the shell because it stuck out too far.)
you cant have some larger sights because they wont fit in the small slit they have for the OEM sights, depending on pistol.
Sent me the wrong parts twice.
quicker holster wear from the material
the quick connect system is great but i can see the little connector pieces wearing out quickly becasue they are just plastic and needing to replace them
the shell is fit almost perfectly to the gun, but when you use both sides together there is some rattle, and you get a easier and smoother draw from kydex than from this polymer type plastic that they use since its so rigid.

CONCLUSION: GREAT Kit if you dont do any external modifications to your pistol or if you are just starting and want to easily see which was you want to carry your pistol, just buy the kit and you can try out all the different ways.
(Posted on 7/14/2019)
Very good system Review by Joseph
I have been using this system for about 2 years now and it still feels like it did when I first got it. I really like the fact that I can switch up how I carry, depending on what I am going to be doing. The IWB is very comfortable to wear for a long period of time, I also like it when i can go from IWB to OWB within a few minutes. (Posted on 7/9/2019)

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