Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact ShapeShift Pocket Holster


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ShapeShift Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact Pocket Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Why would you carry with a Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact pocket holster that doesn't work as well as a holsters for other carry positions? So many pocket holsters don't function the way a proper carry holster should.

Often, they are little more than a cloth covering for your gun. You can practically feel the trigger through the material. Fitment is basically nonexistent, as is retention. Drawing the gun can be almost tragically bad, as many pocket holsters for XDM compacts will pull right out of the pocket. This leaves you with the choice of clearing the holster off the gun or shooting through it.

Alien Gear Holsters doesn't settle for merely adequate. We want you to carry with a holster that carries comfortably, securely, and functions as a holster should no matter how you're carrying it.

We start with a molded polymer retention shell, custom molded for the XDM compact. You get the kind of fitment that a good concealed carry holster should have. You'll notice the sight channel also allows for a smooth draw, with no sight snags.

The trigger guard is fully wrapped for greater protection, so you can carry with the knowledge that your gun is safe while it keeps you safe. You can also adjust the passive retention to precisely your desired setting, without the need for tools of any kind.

We also back this holster with our Iron-Clad Guarantee, a comprehensive product guarantee including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and our Forever Warranty, a lifetime warranty on the holster against any defects or damage of any kind.

Find out how good pocket carry can be for yourself, by starting your Test Drive today!

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