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Springfield XDM 3.8 ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster


Springfield XDM 3.8 AIWB Holster

There's a lot to say about a holster's position — both on the gun owner's waistline and in their lifestyle. The ShapeShift AIWB holster was made in America to be a comfortable, concealable, customizable mode of appendix carry that adapts as much to the concealed carrier's draw style as it does to their body.

It's a modular holster. The Shift Shell may be uninstalled from the backer and mounted to any of the other ShapeShift carry options. This inside the waistband appendix holster may be a classic IWB, OWB belt slide or an OWB paddle holster within a moment's notice.

The ShapeShift modular holster requires zero tools.

The AIWB holster backer was designed for both the handgun and the carrier. We chose four specific materials for their performance factors. A perforated neoprene rests against the body, wicking sweat away from the handgun and ventilating the entire holster backer. A resilient thermo elastomer material sits on the front for resilience and retention. Beneath the neoprene and thermo elastomer is a core composed of two materials.

A layer of flexible, tough spring steel and a layer of strong ballistic nylon lend strength and reliability within the holster backer.

The low-profile Shift Shell was also designed for strength. It is made from injection-molded polymer, shaped to the lines and contours of the handgun model. All the parts and clips are also made of that polymer. Additional Shift Shells may be purchased so that multiple types of compatible handguns can be carried on the same holster system.

An adjustable retention unit may be installed for the preferred level of passive retention.

The holster is covered by a free Forever Warranty — if any component within the ShapeShift holster breaks or malfunctions, we'll repair or replace it free of charge. We couple that Forever Warranty with a 30-day test drive. Try the holster out for a month and see if it meets your needs. If it doesn't work for you, we'll buy it back with no questions asked.

This innovative holster was made in America by gun owners for gun owners.
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