Get the Perfect Appendix Carry Holster for S&W M&P45 Shield


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Shield 45 Caliber AIWB Holster

If you're looking to carry in the appendix position, you'd better pick the right Shield 45 appendix carry holster. Many appendix carry holsters leave something to be desired in terms of fitment, retention but most importantly comfort. Hard leather doesn't always wear the best against the skin and rigid plastics aren't always a whole lot better either.

Alien Gear has a better breed of Shield 45 appendix holster for you. The ShapeShift appendix holster is designed to carry comfortably through years of faithful service, with a custom fit and adjustable retention. This will keep you from weighing the pros and cons every time you want to carry, and will give you confidence to carry every day.

Say goodbye to hotspots and sharp edges digging into you as you carry. This Shield 45 appendix IWB deploys a plush, comfortable holster base to ensure your comfort. The perforated neoprene backer breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture to keep you cooler and drier than other materials, while also providing a cushion.

You won't have to worry about the holster base going limp after break-in; layers of ballistic nylon and spring steel form a durable spine. The holster feels anchored in place once fastened, but also flexes to fit your shape perfectly. It carries like it was made to fit where you insert it in the waistband.

The holster shell of your Shield 45 AIWB holster is custom-molded, fitting the pistol perfectly without the break-in period of so many other custom holsters. This aids in retaining the pistol, and the innovative ShiftShell fully wraps the trigger guard for added security.

Retention is fully adjustable, giving you the ability to set the draw how you want it. Prefer a slick draw? A tight hold? Somewhere in between? Set it yourself via the Adjustable Retention Unit. It takes mere seconds, and requires no tools.

Worried this holster might not live up to the hype? We know you'll think it does, but just in case it doesn't we give you the first month of ownership to find out for yourself. The holster can be returned in the first 30 days of ownership if you aren't satisfied for a full refund. That 30 Day Test Drive is part of Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee on our holsters, along with a comprehensive warranty on the holster and all components for life.

This is how you shift to a better appendix carry. Get your test drive started today!
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