Different Concealed Carry Methods and Holster Types - Best and Worst Ways to Conceal Carry

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Everybody has a preferred method to concealed carrying a pistol. Whether it's a favorite shoulder holster, inside or outside the waistband concealed carry holster, or an ankle holster – one size certainly doesn't fit all for this community. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best and worst ways to conceal carry a pistol. More importantly, we'll discuss why they're the best and worst way to conceal a handgun.

Worst Concealed Carry Method: CCW Purse

For women on the go, there's not a lot of comfortable options to conceal carry a pistol. Yet, more and more women are comprising the ranks of concealed carriers. This is a great thing! It works out in cases like one that happened recently in Pittsburgh where a woman with a ccw successfully stopped an armed robber.

However, quite a few have admitted they carry in their purse. A purse isn't a great place to carry a concealed weapon because it can be snatched or taken away. More importantly, it's the first target for a robber.

Bad Concealed Carry Method: CCW Shoulder Holster

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Even for those shoulder holsters that point the weapon straight down, it's nearly impossible to draw one without flagging yourself or others. This is just plain bad. One of the tenets of firearm safety is never pointing a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot. This includes yourself and the innocent person standing behind or beside you.

More importantly, they're not really good at concealing anything. For those who grew up on Hollywood action movies, shoulder holsters sure have that classic cool detective appeal – but they don't have actual function. Does it keep the pistol up off the waistline? Yes. Does it keep it concealed? Arguably not.

It's surprisingly easy to be spotted with a shoulder holster. They print pretty poorly with a suit coat and for thicker jackets, they add bulk that begs the question.

Middle ground concealed carry method: CCW Ankle Holster

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It's not particularly easy to get access to an ankle holster. While concealed carry instructors have demonstrated some good techniques, it's sort of counter-intuitive.

One of the biggest assets to a CCW is the ability to move around a potential battle space. Having to redirect focus from the target to the holster is a big issue. For those with weak ankles or heavier set – ankle holsters are outright unusable.

Ankle holsters work best only when they've been extensively trained with. For those who prefer a sub-compact or even micro-compact concealed carry pistol – it's certainly one way to ensure concealment.

Best Concealed Carry Method: Inside the Waistband ( IWB ) Concealed Carry Holsters

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No surprise here. It's important to find a durable, well constructed inside the waistband concealed carry holster that adjusts with the person's specs. Whether it's the standard 15° cant used by the FBI or a custom configuration better suited for ergonomics, it's the best way to keep a pistol accessible.

While there are quite a variety of inside the waistband concealed carry holsters on the market, the best incorporate a pad, clips, and a sturdy polymer holster that is custom fitted to the weapon. This ensures the pistol stays exactly where it needs to be until it's used.

We have added a few more handgun models to our large selection of concealed carry holsters, take a look here: Alien Gear Handgun Holsters

Do you have a preferred concealed carrying method that works for you? If so, share it in the comment section below.


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