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Holster Docking Station - Introducing the Cloak Dock Holster Mounting System

Alien Gear Holsters is pleased to announce the latest in product evolution - the Cloak Dock holster mount. The Cloak Dock is a mounting station that is designed to anchor a holster to any location one wishes - be it inside the car, on a desk, by one's bedside or anywhere else.

The Cloak Dock is designed to work with our Cloak Mod owb paddle holster. The Cloak Mod's paddle attaches to the Cloak Dock holster mount, securing the pistol and holster.

Custom Handgun Mount Systems Made For Multiple Surfaces.

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There are a number of handgun mount systems out there, but almost all are as generic as possible. Many are a mere strap to mount a generic pouch holster to some surface, such as a car or furniture.

There are also magnetic mounting systems, which are strong magnets mounted to a surface that hold onto a gun. While certainly stronger than the former, the latter often requires the pistol be attached to the magnet without the holster attached. Again, they are plenty strong...but not everyone likes a naked handgun on display for all to see.

Additionally, many of these systems are made for only one mounting surfaces. Some are just for the home and/or around the bed area, just for the office or just for the car.

Alien Gear, however, is all about product evolution as well as modularity. As a result, we have designed the Cloak Dock to work on any surface it can be secured to.

As a result, this holster mount can be utilized in any room in the house, in your car, the office desk, and indeed anywhere else.

Holster Mount System Can Be Installed In Minutes

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Installing the Cloak Dock holster mount is easily done in minutes. The only required tools are a screwdriver and a power drill. Instructions and a mounting template are included with the Cloak Dock, which will walk you through the steps of installation.

Simply mount the brackets to the surface of your choice - either a wall, nightstand, dresser, desk or automobile interior - and install the docking bar. Once mounted and assembled, the Cloak Dock is ready for use.

The Cloak Dock is designed for use with the Cloak Mod holster with the paddle attachment only - it will not work with any other holster, including our other OWB holster. The paddle slides over the docking bar and clicks into place. The retention lip of the paddle provides tension.

Don't hesitate to worry about the strength of the dock - it's made from the same glass-filled nylon as our holster belt clips. We designed the dock to last for decades of service.

While docked, your pistol can be drawn from the holster normally. The retention lip holds the holster in place in the Cloak Dock, allowing the pistol to slide free from the holster as normal.

Should you wish to retrieve the holster, simply pull the paddle retention lip away from the docking bar, and lift the holster up and out from the Cloak Dock. It's that simple.

The Cloak Dock can mounted either to have the shell side or paddle side of the holster facing out. It will also still work with the Cloak Mod when the holster is set for forward or rearward cant.

Perfect For Use As Wall Mounted or Bedside Holster

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You'll notice a variety of hardware like wood screws and drywall anchors with the Cloak Dock; this is so it can be used as a bedside holster mount or wall mount. We also include an Allen key for attaching the docking bar and a ⅛" drill bit for pilot holes.

Simply use the included wood screws to mount to wooden furniture, or select the drywall screws and anchors for wall mounting. For drywall mounting, however, we recommend using a ½" drill bit to drill pilot holes for the drywall anchors. Please follow the included instructions for mounting.

This way, the Cloak Dock can be mounted close to the bed, for those who want to be able to rise from a prone position and draw in response to a threat, or mount the holster higher on the wall - out of the reach of tiny hands.

Keep Guns Out Of The Reach Of Children

That cannot be emphasized enough. If there is one universal way to prevent firearms accidents involved children, it is keeping guns secured and out of their reach. Should you mount a Cloak Dock in your home, ensure that there is no way for a child to reach it.

The included wood screws can also mount to any other wood furniture, such as a desk, dresser or anything else one might consider. It can be mounted to metal furniture as well; the hardware pack includes four sheet metal screws with self-guiding tips - no need for a pilot hole.

The Most Secure Vehicle Holster Mount You're Likely To Find

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The Cloak Dock is also employable as a vehicle holster mount - and one of the most secure that you're likely to come across. Many car holsters are merely generic nylon pouches with additional straps; the Cloak Dock allows you to firmly mount the Cloak Mod paddle holster to any surface in your vehicle.

Simply select an appropriate location, such as the side of the center console or under the dash, and mount the Cloak Dock. The hardware pack includes plastic screws for mounting in plastic for easy car mounting.

However, if planning to mount to wooden trim, seek therapy. Don't even think about it. If you drive a nice enough car to have wood paneling, find plastic somewhere and mount it to that. There have to be SOME standards.

For those who don't like to wear a waistband holster while driving, you aren't likely to find a better-fitting, more secure car holster system than the Cloak Mod and Cloak Dock.

Otherworldly Value for a Holster Mount

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Other holster mount systems may be reasonably priced, but they won't work nearly as well as the Cloak Dock. Since our Dock works specifically with the holster, no other gun mounting system will be as secure. They also won't look as cool.

The Cloak Dock is available for $14.88 as a stand-alone purchase. However, if you wish to get a Cloak Mod to dock with, you'll save $4.88 on the Cloak Dock, as the Cloak Mod and Cloak Dock combo is available for $57.88.

The Cloak Dock is one the first holster mounting systems to ever work with a holster, rather than without one - and at a serious bargain to boot. You aren't likely to find one that works as well anywhere else in the holster universe. Take a look at the Cloak Dock Holster Mount for more info.

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