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Life Long CCW – Develop a Concealed Carry Routine

Being committed to carrying everyday, in every environment, is a life-long commitment to carrying concealed. In order to do that, there's a couple key practices that can make this a long term habit.

Carry Your Handgun At Home

Too many people lock up the handgun when they get home. Ironically, a majority of violent crimes are skewed towards burglaries. Why? People are at their weakest because they're relaxed. There's nothing wrong with being relaxed. Relaxation is important. Getting used to carrying your concealed carry handgun around the house can help you to be relaxed with it on you. That way, if you need it, you know it will be there.

Always carry with a round in the chamber

carry one round in chamber

Carrying with a round in the chamber means you don't have to second guess yourself in a live-fire emergency. The last thing you want to do is reverse Dirty Harry yourself with, “did I load a round in the chamber or not?”

We understand reverse Dirty Harry sounds way worse. I personally wouldn't wish a reverse Dirty Harry on my worst... Well, actually, I would. And that's the point.

The other side of this is doing this forces you to do something every gun owner should do: treat every weapon as if it is loaded. Because, in this case, it is.

Get a comfortable IWB holster

comfortable holster

If you are truly uncomfortable carrying your handgun, you're not going to do it. If you get a cheap holster that digs painfully into your side or presses into you when you sit down – you're probably going to forget about a life-long commitment to CCW. Do yourself a favor and find a holster solution that is safe, durable, and comfortable. This may require some shopping around – but don't just settle for the gun store defaults. Find a solution that fits you.

Practice, practice, practice

If you take the time to get good at something, you take pride in that thing. Whether it's the fundamentals of marksmanship or competitive pistol shooting, find an activity that coincides with your daily carry habit. It's a way to not only reinforce your good habits, but also learn and expand upon that body of knowledge.

Make your EDC part of your daily routine

every day carry setup

Everyone has a daily routine. Whether it's brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and getting the kids ready to get on the school bus or rushing to catch the train, make your concealed carry habit a part of that. Your IWB holster is now as essential as wearing your trousers or your wallet. If you put it on every morning before you leave the house, you'll find that over time you don't even notice it as part of your routine. That requires daily consistency.

In conclusion, if you develop habits that help out your concealed carry routine, you'll find that CCW can become a life-long habit itself. Develop the good fundamental principles of firearm safety and finding a comfortable, safe way to bring your everyday carry handgun into your life.

James England

About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.