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Welcome to the Alien Gear Holsters Concealed Carry Blog! Although we specialize in concealed carry holsters, we cover many other CCW topics here. Our gun writers discuss every facet of concealed carry best practices other gun tips! Whether you’re new or experienced carrier, you’ll be sure to find our gun blog helpful and informative. Check out any of our articles and remember to like, share, and comment!

  1. Battle Of The Barrels: Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun vs S333 Thunderstruck


    Standard Manufacturing Switch Gun Vs S333

    Standard Manufacturing produces some innovative firearms, two of which are the S333 (formerly called the S333 Thunderstruck) and their newly-released Switch Gun. 

    Both are a bit of a departure from

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  2. Concealed Carry Gun Safety Tips


    Gun Safety With Concealed Carry

    Do you remember the first time that you put a loaded firearm into your holster? That's the way that you should feel every time you holster your weapon.

    Today we're going to be talking about safety when it comes to concealed carry. You should have a basic understanding of the three main rules of gun safety,

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  3. How To Wear And Use The Concealed Carry 4.0 IWB Holster


    Using Your ShapeShift 4.0 Concealed Carry Holster

    Today we're going to talk about the ShapeShift 4.0 IWB holster. We're going to show you how to wear it, where to wear it, how to make it fit comfortably and more. But first, let's start with the basics and answer the question...

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  4. How to Wear a Paddle Holster

    A Quick Guide To Paddle Holsters

    What's the difference between the paddle holsters that Alien Gear sells? Why are they even called paddle holsters?

    We're going to explain.

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  5. How To Use The Cloak Mod OWB Holster


    Your Guide To The Cloak Mod Holster

    Here at Alien Gear Holsters, we carry a number of outside of the waistband holsters including the ShapeShift Paddle and Belt Slide holsters, the Cloak Belt and Cloak Slide holsters, and the holster that we're covering today, the Cloak Mod. 

    The Cloak Mod is a durable, open-top holster that gives

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  6. How to Wear the ShapeShift Belt Slide OWB Holster


    What You Need To Know About The ShapeShift Belt Slide OWB Holster

    The ShapeShift Belt Slide OWB Holster is one of the most popular models in the ShapeShift line of holsters.

    Let's go over the instructions for assembling and wearing the Shapeshift Owb Belt Slide holster.

    What Is The ShapeShift OWB Belt Slide Holster?

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  7. Battle Of The Barrels: Hellcat Pro vs Sig P365XL

    hellcat pro vs sig p365xl


    The New Hellcat Pro vs the Sig P365XL

    Springfield Armory has released a larger version of the Hellcat, the Hellcat Pro…begging the question of how it stacks up against the Sig P365XL. 

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  8. How To Wear And Adjust The Sport Tuck Belly Band Holster



    Using The Sport Tuck Belly Band Holster

    Today we’re talking about how to wear and adjust the Sport Tuck Belly Band Holster. Being able to carry daily and comfortably is at the core of what Alien Gear Holsters is all about. We realize that s

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  9. How To Concealed Carry In A Car [2022]

    The Best Ways To Car Carry

    Just how is a person supposed to concealed carry in a car? It doesn't work as well as when you're walking around.  There are some tricks involved in concealing while in the car, various strategies one can employ to conceal and carry while in a vehicle. 

    Check out our holster mounts for

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  10. Pistol Barrel Length. Should A Woods Gun Have A Longer Barrel? [2022]

    Guy in the woods with chest holster

    Do I Need A Longer Barrel On A Woods Gun?

    You might have heard that you need a more powerful handgun to carry outdoors, usually in case of a non-human predator. After all, there are critters out there that are capable of seriously mauling and/or killing and eating you.

    Common examples are 6-inch revolvers and the longer-barrel models of large-frame semi-autos like a Glock 40 or a 10mm 1911, and the custom would be of course to carry it in a chest

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