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Can A Security Guard Concealed Carry?

As it turns out, security guard concealed carry can be more complicated than for the average Joe. If a person is looking for jobs that allow concealed carry, armed security guard positions would be one of them.

However, not all security guard jobs are the same, and not all are armed. Also, carrying as a security guard usually requires additional licensing above and beyond a concealed carry license.

Security Guard Jobs Are Very Diverse

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The fact is that "security guard" jobs are fairly diverse, so not every security guard is the same as another. A state license may be required to work as a security guard, though it may not depending on precisely the function of a person's duties.

Some "security guard" jobs are entry level and are little more than watching buildings at night for anything suspicious; "night watchman" would be a little more apt. Other "security" jobs are in the retail and grocery sector. These positions are commonly referred to as "store detective" and are really more a function of loss prevention.

Other security guard positions can include private or public school security guard positions, or providing personal security details and escorts for the various persons such as celebrities, important people in industry, elected officials and so on.

Some private security personnel are tantamount to or actually are private military contractors, providing protection for the people, facilities and otherwise of the company that hired them directly or a security company that provides those services.

Security personnel can be either hired in-house by a company or organization they are providing services for or they may work for a security company that provides services to other companies.

Armed Security Guard vs Unarmed Security Guard and Concealed Carry Permits

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Not every state is the same, but many make a distinction in law between an armed security guard and an unarmed security guard. Additionally, "security" jobs, such as they are, are quite diverse; one security job is not necessarily equal to the other.

States that distinguish between the two types of position will have laws governing armed security guard positions. Often, this will include licensing and training requirements as well as any ancillary regulations.

Just like many states concealed carry permit requirements, becoming an armed security guard will often require a certain amount of training. A person may also have to qualify with a firearm to be able to carry on duty; they may not.

It all really depends on the state a person lives in.

Carrying as a Security Guard

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Bear in mind that this is not legal advice - seek the appropriate legal counsel if one desires to learn more - but a security guard that doesn't have an armed guard license is generally not allowed to carry.

Concealed carry permits generally give a person authorization to conceal and carry in a private capacity, not in a professional capacity. To carry a gun for work usually requires additional licensure, including as an armed guard.

However, an unarmed security guard may be allowed to pursue and attain an armed guard license and carry concealed or open carry, though this may depend heavily on the company that a person is working for. Some employers may allow this option, and some might not. Many companies that employ security guards or security providers may in fact avoid employing armed guards for liability purposes, some may specialize in providing armed guards.

It really all depends on whom one works for. However, generally speaking, a person is likely prohibited from carrying if they don't have the professional license allowing them to carry in their duties as a security guard.

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