How to Carry Concealed in Business Attire

concealed carry while wearing a suit

Whether it's going to a business meeting or just dressing fashionably – it all begins with learning the proper way to carry concealed in a suit. In any outfit, the goal is always to break up the outline of the handle of the firearm – more especially with business attire and dress suits.

Ideally, if you have the time – get your suit tailored to fit your needs as a concealed carrier. That means making some minor alterations and potentially changing your style or fashion a little bit.

Considerations for your tailor - adjust your suit for CCW

Let your tailor know when he's doing his measurements to leave a bit more room around the waistline of the suit coat. This will be instrumental in keeping the coat from pressing up against an inside the waistband concealed carry holster.

Recommended suit adjustments for concealed carry:
    • If possible, stick with a two-button suit coat or blazer. It has a lower neck and leaves fabric looser around the waist. If this doesn't impress you, add a vest. Everybody likes vests.
    • For a two-button suit coat, you can get away with unbuttoning the bottom button if you feel you're in danger of printing while seated. It adds a bit more length to the waist without letting your coat open to reveal your IWB concealed carry holster.
    • Trousers ought be measured an inch or two wider than your normal trouser size. This will help accommodate an IWB holster and keep the overall look smooth and flowing.

What Not to Do – CCW and Business Attire

concealed carry in business attire

While plenty of law enforcement prefer an outside the waistband holster beneath their suit coat – they're law enforcement. It's not an issue if they print or spot. In fact, it's arguably expected. A private citizen, depending on the state he resides, may not be so lucky. Stick with an inside the waistband concealed carry holster because it gives just a little bit more concealability.

      • Inside Coat Pocket Without A Pocket Holster

Some people think putting a pistol in a pocket is fine. It isn't. It's more likely to print and definitely isn't safe. However, a pocket holster will keep your pistol protected and make printing less likely if made with the right design.

      • Change the Look

Most business attire requires a tucked in collared shirt. Untucking the shirt may not be suspicious as much as it will look sloppy. That's why a two-button blazer or suit coat is perfect for adding that extra layer of concealability.

      • Ankle Holster Hassle

Bending down to retrieve or adjust your micro compact pistol is a great way to test the inseam of your fabric. And there's nothing like awkwardly walking around work with a tear on the inseam. Keep it close by putting it inside the waistline.

Above all, don't stress yourself in your appearance. If you looked in a full length mirror and didn't see the outline of your concealed carry pistol or revolver – you're probably doing just fine. Drawing attention to yourself, fidgeting, and calling any more attention to your waistline than you have to are all bad ideas.

And if you are planning to conceal carry at place of work, check with your place of business first. For one, the gravity of your suit coat hanging against your pistol grip may cause a stir.

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