How to Concealed Carry in Business Casual Clothes

How to Concealed Carry in Business Casual Clothes

Feb 18, 2020 4:30:00 PM

Concealed Carry in the workplace has been a debate for years now. Even though many State laws now permit it. If your workplace expressly allows concealed carry in its regulations or contracts, then you are on the lucky end. However, if the work regulations omit any mention of gun carry, you might find yourself in the dilemma of whether to request permission and risk getting a no; or to carry concealed, keep quiet and risk losing your job. The final decision comes down to you.

No matter the case, if you're reading this, you've probably already decided to carry your concealed firearm to work. So, let's dive right into it and discuss how to concealed carry in business casual:

Choosing The Right Firearm

Picture of a gun in an IWB holster

Small subcompact and compact pistols with slimmer frames are the best for concealed carry in the workplace. The pistols with single-stack magazines and lower caliber often fall within subcompact and compact categories and cause less printing on clothes. This reduces the limitations you will have on your outfit selection for total concealment. Smith & Wesson M&P series, Ruger LCP II, Walther PPS, Sig Sauer P365, Springfield Armory XD-S, Glock 43, and Glock 43 are currently some of the best guns for concealed carry.

Concealed Carry Method

Picture of a gun in an ankle holster

Several methods of carry are concealable in a business casual outfit, depending on your preferred work attire. Some of the conventional concealed carry methods in the workplace include:

  • Pocket Carry: This is highly convenient since it makes your concealed firearm easily accessible for a quick draw. It involves putting your pocket holster in your pockets and necessitates having pockets that are just deep enough to conceal the gun entirely, but not too deep to hinder accessibility, and wide enough to get a good grip of the gun with your hands in the pocket.
  • Inside-the-WaistBand (IWB) Carry: This is one of the most commonly used concealed carry methods for business casual attire. It involves fastening your holster to the inside of your waistband and covering up with baggy outerwear. It is comfortable and allows a relatively fast draw.
  • Outside-the-WaistBand (OWB) Carry: This method of carry involves securing the OWB holster to your belt on the outside of your waistband. This method of carry is highly comfortable, accessible, and allows for a fast and easy draw. However, it is slightly harder to conceal than the rest.
  • Shoulder Carry: Shoulder carry is another viable option for business casual and involves attaching your concealed firearm to a shoulder holster. It is a good option for larger guns and offers ease of access, but requires an extra layer of clothing such as a coat to conceal.
  • Belly Band: This method of carry involves securing your concealed firearm in an elastic belly band tied around your stomach or waistline. It offers excellent concealment with less clothing and is easily accessible, but is often uncomfortable to most people. A tactical concealed carry shirt is also an alternative option offering similar benefits with less accessibility.
  • Ankle Carry: This is another good option, if accessibility is not a significant consideration for you, and if you have practiced a fast draw in this position. It is convenient for people who spend most hours of the day in a seated position, such as a work desk or driving. Ankle carry offers great concealability since it hardly draws any attention and does not easily print on clothes.
  • Off the body carry: This is also a viable option if you do not need to carry the firearm on your person. Bags, backpacks, work desk drawers, safes, and car compartments are some of the options you could consider.

Selection of Holsters

Picture of gun in a belly band holster

There are great concealable holsters for any method of carry you may opt for. Pocket holsters in the shape of wallets and phones have now been designed for easier concealability in business casual outfits. For IWB and OWB carry, choosing a thin holster that tucks into your midsection is advisable for easy concealment. High-riding holsters also help keep your firearm above the belt, therefore, making the muzzle of the gun concealable even with a short shirt or T-shirt.

Generally, the ideal holster for business casual should be concealable, accessible, comfortable, and allow for a quick draw in case of a crisis.

Picking The Right Outfit

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For jobs that require you to stick to a specific standard of dressing, or uniforms, the type of clothing may be a major hindrance and will, therefore, influence your method of carry. For instance, if you have to wear shirts, t-shirts, or tops with tight, light, or stretchy fabrics to work, then IWB or shoulder carry may not be a viable option. In such a case, pocket carry will do.

However, if you have the freedom of redesigning your business casual wardrobe around your preferred method of carry, going for outfits that are slightly bigger and baggier at the position of carry, and with stiffer fabrics, such as khaki, denim, heavy cotton or suit fabrics would be appropriate.

An important accessory not to be overlooked is the selection of a strong gun belt for IWB and OWB carry, that can support the weight of the gun without sagging.

An extra layer of dressing such as a coat, blazer jacket, denim jacket or sports jacket will conceal almost any type of holster, but may not be sustainable in the hot summer weather.

Trousers must be sized slightly larger at the waist to accommodate IWB holsters; and baggier and longer at the ankle to conceal ankle holsters. Untucked, longer shirts or t-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts also offer extra concealment.

In Conclusion

Concealed carry at the workplace is still very viable in business casual attire. By knowing the best measures that are most comfortable for you, and selecting the best holsters, firearm, and concealed carry method, you can easily pull off concealed carry in business casual on any day.