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do i have to keep ccw permit on me

Why You Should Have Your Concealed Weapons Permit On You

For states that aren't constitutional carry, having a concealed carry permit can come in pretty handy. As a general rule, if you're carrying concealed – have your permit on you. And here's three very great reasons why.

CCW Permits can get you Free Sandwiches

For those going through Fort Worth this last Fourth of July, Chicken Express was giving out free sandwiches to those who presented their valid concealed carry permit. Obviously, this in of itself is a good reason to always have it on you. While some businesses prohibit carrying firearms, other business establishments encourage ccw!

Who wouldn't want customers dedicated to preserving the safety of themselves and others?


While having your concealed carry permit doesn't always guarantee a free meal – some businesses will offer discounts and incentives to promote concealed carriers patronage. And why not patron a business that supports your right to carry?

Concealed Carry Permits Help With Casual Law Enforcement Interactions

If you're walking around, minding your own business and a police officer asks you if you're carrying a concealed firearm – you have your permit on you to show him if necessary. It's certainly more advisable than brandishing it in its gun holster.

While it's really no one else's business except for yours, having a concealed carry permit can be the crucial thing to avoiding an unnecessary confrontation with people who may not understand the law. It can also be used to alleviate anyone's concerns if they should see you “printing”.

In some states, if you are pulled over in a routine traffic stop while carrying concealed, you have to inform the police. And if you are, you will want them to know you're licensed to do so. It's one less thing either of you have to worry about. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your states reciprocity, take a look at this ccw reciprocity map we created to know which state you can legally carry in.

Having A CCW Permit is crucial when dealing with Post Incident Interactions

carry your ccw permit with you

In the unlikely event you ever need to use your firearm for self-defense, your concealed carry permit can help vindicate your actions. Being able to show your concealed carry permit will alleviate any questions as to why you had a concealed carry firearm on your person. This isn't necessary in all states where state law for self-defense supersedes state gun laws..

However, beware of trusting too much in that. There is always the possibility of federal involvement in a post-defensive shooting event. Having any paperwork that validates your carrying of a concealed carry firearm is to your advantage.

In conclusion, many states require that if you have a firearm in your concealed carry inside the waistband holster, you need to have your permit on you. While many states are upgrading to a registered system so police can instantly see your CCW status – who wants to get stuck on the wrong side of that?

Not only is your concealed carry license important for police interactions, it can also turn you on to businesses in the area that promote that culture. Why take that risk?

Do you keep your ccw permit on you?

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