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ccw wars: hk vp9 vs walther ppq

Judging Between Two Jerries: The Walther PPQ vs VP9

Some people want a plastic fantastic but don't necessarily want the same old Glock; for just such a person two strong contenders will be two German pistols, the Walther PPQ vs the VP9 by Heckler und Koch. Both of these pistols are service guns in 9mm, and both have a number of fans in the press and public that stand athwart the Glocks and S&W M&P guns, saying "these are better and you're just not paying attention to them!"

Daily concealed carry with a walther ppq
Daily concealed carry with a H&K VP9

Had a person to pick between them, they'd have the devil's own job of doing so because the features of both are fairly closely-matched. Odds are, you'll have to shoot them to find the one you like better. With that said, here are the tales of the tape regarding the Walther PPQ and the H&k VP9.

The VP9: Quietly One Of The Best Striker Guns

The VP9, released in 2014, is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol intended as a budget model among H&Ks other guns, some of which get pretty pricey, but without the DA/SA operation that most of their pistols currently run on. The VP9 has a 5.5-pound trigger pull, with light takeup, minimal creep and a solid trigger reset. It's highly regarded among the striker guns in this regard. The safety mechanism is a tabbed striker trigger and integrated safety system, like everyone else.

For features, the controls are quasi-ambidextrous, as a slide release lever is located on the left side as is a magazine release switch. There are three grip panels that can be swapped for different shapes and sizes so more shooters can use it comfortably. Three white dots are standard, but night sights can be obtained. You also get a Picatinny rail should mounting a light or laser be desired. FDE, great and olive green finishes are also available.

As to dimensions, it's a touch compact for a full-size but still one of the big boys. Barrel length is 4 inches, and overall length is 7.34 inches, about the size of a Glock 19. It stands 5.41 inches tall and sits 1.32 inches wide, and weighs in at 25.56 ounces with an empty magazine.

The VP9 is heralded for outstanding accuracy and reliability. It's close to a Goldilocks gun in size, so a good number of people do conceal and carry the VP9 on the daily. Since you can find them for less than $600 in many stores, a lot of people will tell you that it's more gun for the money than Glock.

Oh, and it comes in .40 S&W too, though that's called the VP40.

HK VP9 concealed carry specs
H&K VP9 Specs
  • Overall Length: 7.34"
  • Height: 5.41"
  • Barrel Length: 4"
  • Width: 1.32"
  • Weight: 25.56 oz

What About The Walther PPQ?

However great the features are on the VP9, don't necessarily overlook the PPQ when trying to decide between the Walther PPQ v VP9. Walther's striker guns are widely thought of as the best of the breed by a lot of the shooting press and the public, including over Walther's former parent company Smith and Wesson.

There are two generations of PPQ on the market, the PPQ Classic and the PPQ M2. The M2 has magazine release button; the classic model has paddles mounted on the trigger guard. (Some like one, some the other.) The M2 can be had with extended barrel lengths including a threaded barrel for use with a suppressor, and the M2 can also be had in .40 S&W. The M2 also features swappable backstraps and revised texturing on the slide and the grip.

That said, some things weren't changed. It holds 15+1 rounds of 9x19mm. The base model of both versions has a 4-inch barrel, standing 7.1 inches long, 5.3 inches tall, 1.3 inches wide and weighing 24.5 ounces unloaded. Trigger pull is a steady 5.6 pounds, though the trigger is the party piece, as Walther's butter-smooth and crisp striker trigger is widely thought to be the best striker trigger available.

The safety mechanism is a tabbed trigger (a la Glock) and integrated trigger safety system common to the striker guns.

You get a Picatinny rail and 3 white dot sights. You can also expect this gun to feel better than almost any other in the hand, which is the other quality that Walther guns are known for.

The PPQ is a well-built, dependable, accurate and ridiculously comfortable pistol to shoot. Since it's also about G19 size, plenty of people carry it on the daily as well. It actually costs about the same; expect to shell out between $500 and $600 in most stores.

How, then, to choose between the PPQ vs VP9?!

Walther PPQ ccw specs
Walther PPQ Specs
  • Overall Length: 7.1"
  • Height: 5.3"
  • Barrel Length: 4"
  • Width: 1.3"
  • Weight: 24.5 oz

Choosing Between The PPQ vs VP9

Settling between the Walther PPQ vs VP9 is the devil's own job, because each of the pistols has almost identical specifications. They're near as makes no difference the same size and weight. They hold the same number of rounds, and they basically cost the same amount of money to buy. Heck, even the magazines cost about the same amount.

Namely too much. Oh yes, he did.

Both of these guns can be relied on to punch paper without a hiccup or save your life. Both of these guns may be a bit harder to find in some gun stores, though you won't have too much trouble finding one, the other or both.

Walther ppq for ccw
H&K VP9 for ccw

The VP9 does have a touch more aftermarket support, so if that means something to you then that is something to consider. Not as much as, say, a 1911, but it is out there. Then again, aftermarket support for the PPQ is hardly nonexistent either.

Ultimately, there really isn't a single on-paper factor that's going to tip one in favor of the other. How to choose between them? Get to a gun store and handle them. Figure out which one feels better in your hand, points more intuitively and fits you better. If you can shoot both, that's even better. The one that feels best and shoots best is, after all, going to be the one you want in your safe or concealed carry holster.

Do you use a Walther PPQ or H&K VP9 for your concealed carry? If not, would you consider it?
Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

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