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When To Wear A Shoulder Holster

Why wear a shoulder holster? Like any product, there are some applications for which it is well-suited, and others for which it is not. There are also some people who will find they love wearing one and others that find they don't.

When SHOULD you wear a shoulder holster? Obviously, you can wear one whenever you feel like it but there are some folks that, again, are going to find it's not for them and some instances where it might not be the best choice.

So, who are some of those people? And what are some of those instances?

Why Use a Shoulder Holster?

why use a shoulder holster

Why use a shoulder holster?

In the broad strokes, a shoulder holster is best used if you find carrying on the waistband too uncomfortable. It's also a good solution if you find yourself taking your gun on and off frequently for various reasons. In these instances, a shoulder holster is an ideal solution.

If carrying a gun on the waistband isn't really to your liking, a shoulder holster allows you to suspend the pistol in a different position so that it's still carried on the body but is off the waistband and can still be concealed...at least, up to a point. More on that in a minute.

Some people, after all, find wearing a gun belt and waistband holster to be less than totally comfortable. Granted, that's why some companies take great pains to design comfortable concealed carry holsters but some folks just find they don't like it and fair enough.

A shoulder holster, therefore, lets you hang the gun off the shoulder but still keep it tight to the body.

Additionally, a shoulder holster can be easily removed and hung up or - better yet - placed in a locking container if the pistol is still in the holster. If you take your gun off and put it back on fairly often, this is a great benefit of wearing a shoulder holster.

Some people will also open carry a shoulder holster if they don't want to clutter up the waistband or worry about a waistband rig when bending over. That makes it a viable option for carrying a pistol in the outdoors or while hunting, just like a chest holsters...though a shoulder holster isn't going to pair terrifically well with a heavy pack for most folks.

When To Use A Shoulder Holster

when to use shoulder holster

When to use a shoulder holster?

Well, if you find yourself fitting any of the above-described scenarios, you would definitely find some use for one. Don't like holsters on your waistband? Roll up your linen suit sleeves and fire up your Daytona (that's a "Miami Vice" reference for you young'uns) because a shoulder holster is a good fit. Have to take the gun on and off somewhat frequently? Hands off of Moneypenny, but you might be well-suited to a shoulder holster.

But...there are a few things to know before you go any further.

Switching to a shoulder holster, just like switching between any types of product isn't really going from workable to perfect. In some respect, you're just choosing a different set of problems.

So, what are the problems with a shoulder holster?

First, you have to pick one that you can adjust; many are made "this size better fit you or you're straight out of luck!" A proper fit will ensure a more comfortable carry.

Second, shoulder holster concealed carry depends a heck of a lot on how it wears on you. Some people find concealment is easy with one, and some people find it's darn near impossible. It really depends on you and the holster you get.

Look, a shoulder holster adds stuff where no stuff normally is. That creates problems!

To effectively pull off concealment, you need your cover garment to effectively cover up this addition of material. Now, some people find that they can cover up a shoulder holster if they cinch it good and tight to the body and throw on a roomy untucked button-up shirt over the top. Some people find a suit coat works pretty well.

And some folks find they need a parka to get the job done.

Again, it depends a whole lot on you. If you find that a shoulder holster meets your needs, and after getting one, that you can conceal it well, then you've found a great carry style for you. If not...back to the drawing board.

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