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Holsters for Canik 55 Shark FC


Canik Shark 55 FC Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The value inherent in a Canik Shark 55 FC is incredible when considered along it’s time-tested and proven design. A Canik Shark 55 FC holster to match should go with it, whether you’re looking for a simple outside or inside the waistband Canik Shark 55 FC concealed carry holster.

Full-size handgun models are not a hindrance; concealed carry is what Alien Gear does best, and each of our available Canik Shark 55 FC gun holster models serves brilliantly in that capacity.

Our Canik Shark 55 FC IWB holster models are of the paddle variety, with a retention-adjustable shell bespoke for carrying the Canik Shark. The belt clips - or optional belt loops - can likewise be adjusted for cant and ride height. You get a personal customized carry experience that way, without having to order a custom holster.

The mothership IWB model is our Cloak Tuck 3.0. It’s rapidly garnering an industry-wide reputation as one of the best choices for IWB holsters. The core of the 3.0 is a layer of spring steel. This provides excellent horizontal tension, for a secure ride, along with flexibility, conforming to the wearer for comfortable all-day carry. The back is neoprene, which keeps all moisture - even sweat - from permeating the holster. The front surface is our Alien Skin surfacing material, which won’t scuff and keeps the firearm from slipping.

Prefer leather? Check out the Cloak Tuck. It’s the holster that started it all, a classic leather iwb holster. If you’d rather wear on the belt, the OWB is the holster for you.

No matter which Alien Gear holster for your Canik 55 FC, you get our Iron Clad Guarantee. You get a 30-day test drive, a forever guarantee against defect or damage, and lifetime shell swaps. If you ever get a different gun, but don’t want to buy a new holster, simply send us the old shell and tell us what your new gun is. We’ll send you the new holster shell.