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Holsters for Charles Daly - 1911 3.5 Inch


Charles Daly 1911 Holster (3.5 inch barrel) by Alien Gear Holsters

Charles Daly firearms are built with passion and purpose — just like our award winning concealed carry holsters. Drop your 1911 pistol into one of our IWB or OWB holsters. You’ll experience the most comfortable concealed carry on the planet. Any planet.

Our concealed carry holsters, including the new ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0, is made up of the highest quality composite materials that have been chosen for their high levels of comfort and durability. It's no wonder that Charles Daly 1911 3.5 inch pistol owners prefer the look and feel of our everyday concealed carry Cloak Tuck series.

In order to achieve the comfort that we’re known for, our in-house craftsmen and women begin by adding a layer of exceptionally soft neoprene onto the back of the holster base. This sweat-resistant material conforms to the concealed carrier, while distributing the weight of your heavy Charles Daly 1911 3.5-inch pistol across the entire holster base. Additionally, neoprene requires absolutely no break-in time, so you’ll receive the same amount of comfort from the very first time your wear a ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 IWB holster. For the highly concealable and reliable Charles Daly 1911 3.5 inch barrel pistol, there's truly no better option.

To provide your hybrid gun holster with additional strength, our clever group of engineers have embedded a spring-steel core between durable layers of engineered composite material. The steel will deliver stability and support to your full-sized concealed carry Charles Daly 1911 pistol.

If you’re looking to carry your premium Charles Daly with a classic leather holster, we offer two incredibly comfortable drum-dyed English Bridle leather holster options. Our Original ‘Cloak Tuck’ IWB holster is combat cut to give you easier access to your firearm. The ‘Cloak Slide’ OWB holster provides you with a simple way to fasten your Charles Daly 1911 3.5 inch barrel pistol outside the waistband carry to your belt.

And last but never least is our new Cloak Mod OWB holster. It's a paddle holster like no other. For those with a collection of Charles Daly 1911 pistols, this style of paddle holster is ideal. Featuring a spring steel core and an interchangeable polymer shell, your Charles Daly 1911 pistol will be in an excellent position for a fast draw.

To take your open or concealed carry a step further, our all-new Alien Gear Gun Belt will deliver a superior amount of support to your handgun holster. Like our ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 IWB holsters, our gun belts are also reinforced with steel. We use two thick strips of premium English Bridle leather and military grade stitching to ensure both your Charles Daly 1911 3.5 inch pistol and you are supported and comfortable.

All of our Alien Gear Holsters are backed by our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes a 30-Day Test Drive, free shell trades for life, and a Forever Warranty.