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Holsters for Colt - 1911 4.25 Inch


Colt 1911 4.25 Holster

The best Colt 1911 (4.25-inch Barrel) concealed carry holster is just a click or call away at Alien Gear Holsters. We make the highest quality products with the best value in the industry. No matter if it’s an inside the waistband (IWB) holster or outside the waistband (OWB) holster you are shopping for, we are sure to have just you are looking for.

If you prefer a Colt 1911 IWB holster, we offer two great models. Those who choose a more classic style of IWB will love our original Cloak Tuck. This heavy-duty leather holster is great for purists who like the more traditional look for comfortable all day carry. It is available in drum-dyed natural tan or black colors.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 is our new and improved version of the original Cloak Tuck. This 1911 holster is crafted around a core of tactical nylon. A secure grip and re-holstering action is ensured by a spring-steel retention plate, and a thermo-elastomer “Alien Skin” custom rubber compound helps to make the holster waterproof and reduce friction. A special neoprene backing makes for the most comfortable fit you can get. The 3.0 also has the regular features that come standard on all Alien Gear holsters such as ride height and cant angle adjustability.

We offer two very capable open carry holster models that fit comfortably for side of the hip or at the waistline at your back. First, have a look at the Cloak Mod Paddle holster. This OWB has a modular configuration that gives you the option of carrying as a paddle holster or a slide belt holster. Switching to and from paddle to slide belt is quick and easy. The Cloak Slide model is for 1911 enthusiasts that prefer the more traditional leather slide belt configuration.

Whichever Alien Gear Holster you select, you can be sure that our custom-molded shell is made exclusively for your Colt 1911 (4.25-inch barrel) pistol. You’ll get a perfect fit. Your holster and any other accessories you purchase also come with our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. That means you’ll get the Free Retention Shell Trade – if later-on you decide to carry a different model handgun, you simply send us your original shell, tell us which new model you have, and we will send you a new shell for your new pistol. In addition, you get our Forever Warranty, and a 30-Day Test Drive, and remember; we make all our products right here in the U.S.A.