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Holsters for Colt - 1911 XSE 4.25 inch


Colt 1911 XSE Holster (4.25 inch barrel)

Having a hard time finding a decent Colt 1911 XSE (4.25-inch barrel) holster? Relax – you need look no further than Alien Gear Holsters. We are the holster experts. Our selection of holster designs means that we are certain to meet and exceed your holster expectations.

Alien Gear Holsters are all about adjustability. Every one of our IWB and OWB Colt 1911 XSE holsters are adjustable for ride height and cant angle. By simply raising or lowering one or both clips in opposing directions, the optimal tilt angle can be achieved for you. You are in control. In much the same way, adjust the clips higher or lower to find the optimal ride height for exceptional concealment and comfort.

Those wanting a classic style IWB holster will want to check out our original Cloak Tuck. This classic heavy-duty leather classic comes with our universal shell system that means you can swap out your Colt 1911 XSE holster shell with another model firearm if you choose. The Cloak Tuck also comes with a soft neoprene backing that provides a comfortable ride on your waist and very effectively conceals your XSE.

The Alien Gear 3.0 IWB is an upgraded version of the Cloak Tuck. This holster is chock full of technological innovations for you Colt 1911 XSE enthusiasts. The 3.0 has a core crafted with layers of spring steel retention plate, making for a superior grip and re-holstering action. A ballistic nylon component is actually a soft closed cell composite that protects the holster’s hardware for maximum durability and ensures complete comfort and concealment. Not only that, this holster is the most flexible Alien Gear holster in production. It requires absolutely no break-in time. Our Alien Skin surface technology is a textured thermoelastomer providing for just the right amount of drag and with its water-repelling properties is sure to keep you and your 1911 XSE dry if you encounter moisture. You aren’t like to find a better Colt XSE concealed carry holster.

If you are considering an open holster, Alien Gear has a couple of awesome models for you. Our Cloak Slide OWB Holster is a leather belt slide holster that is available in tan leather and black leather finishes. The Cloak Mod Paddle Holster is a modular OWB holster that can be configured as a belt slide or paddle holster. The Cloak Mod has a multi-layer configuration that features outer layers of thermoelastomer and a spring steel core. Both models of OWB holsters are custom molded to fit your Colt 1911 XSE and utilize Alien Gear’s adjustable retention holster shell.

All Alien Gear products feature our Iron-Clad Triple Warranty, including a 30-Day Test Drive, and Free Shell Trade, and we are proud to say that every product is made right here in the U.S.A. You won’t find a better holster for your Colt 1911 XSE anywhere in the universe.