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Holsters for H&K HK45 Compact


H&K HK45c Holster (compact) by Alien Gear Holsters

People don’t buy compact pistols because of preferences for shorter barrels - people buy them so they can easily conceal them while carrying. That’s why if you get a HK45c (Compact), you likely want a H&K HK45c concealed carry holster that further aids concealment. Concealed carry is what Alien Gear excels at, and every one of our H&K HK45 Compact holster models will conceal and do so comfortably.

The Cloak Tuck Series H&K HK45c IWB holster use our adjustable retention shell and comes with adjustable belt clips (or optional loops) that can be adjusted for grip cant and ride height. This allows you to get a custom carry experience, and at an incredible value.

Our inside the waistband holsters are available in heavy duty leather (black or tan) in the guise of the original Cloak Tuck, or the Cloak Tuck 3.0, built with ultra-modern holster construction materials. The 3.0, our flagship model, is built around a core of spring steel, which provides a lifetime of secure carrying with flexibility for a comfortable carry. The backing material is closed-cell neoprene, repelling all moisture including sweat. The top surface is our proprietary Alien Skin, a high-friction material that grips to clothing and keeps your firearm from moving once holstered.

Every Alien Gear HK45c Gun Holster comes with a Triple Guarantee. This includes a lifetime warranty for the holster, in the case of defect or damage. We also offer a lifetime of holster shell swaps, meaning that you can trade in your old retention shell for a new handgun model should you ever trade in your gun.

We also offer a 30-day test drive. A Purchase is required, but you can return an Alien Gear within 30 days of purchase for a refund if not satisfied. If you talk to our customers, that would be rarer than signs of extraterrestrial life.