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Holsters for Hi-Point 45


Hi-Point 45 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A Hi-Point 45 holster should deliver on the same premise of the Hi-Point 45, namely serious performance for serious value, which you can count on from an Alien Gear Hi-Point 45 holster. We deliver a concealed carry holster that will work for a lifetime but doesn’t come with the premium demanded by others in the industry.

Holster selection is available in outside and inside the waistband carry, all suited to serve as a Hi-Point 45 concealed carry holster.

Alien Gear holsters set themselves apart by featuring an adjustable retention shell. Retention shells are typically riveted to the holster base, so retention is adjustable.

If a Hi-Point 45 IWB holster is your preference, the Cloak Tuck series is what’s available. You can select either - or both - the Cloak Tuck original, a heavy-duty leather holster in black or tan, or the 3.0.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 features a spring steel core, making the holster strong enough for a lifetime of use but flexible enough to wear comfortably. We surface the 3.0 with Alien Skin, our proprietary high-drag material that won’t scuff your firearm nor let it travel once holstered. Both the 3.0 and the original Tuck feature belt clips, or optional loops, which are adjustable for ride height and grip cant, so you can create the carry experience you want, not what the holster imposes.

If a Hi-Point 45 OWB holster is your preference, we also offer the Cloak Slide, available in the same heavy-duty black or tan leather as the Cloak Tuck.

Just like Hi-Point, Alien Gear is made in the U.S.A., and comes with a Triple Guarantee. We warranty all holster for life against defects and damage. We also offer lifetime shell swaps, so you can trade your old shell for a new one if you ever replace your firearm. Furthermore, we offer a 30-day Test Drive, so you can take a month to decide if your Alien Gear holster is right for you. If you aren’t satisfied within a month of purchase, return it for a full refund.