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Holsters for Kimber - 1911 Pro TLE/RL 4 inch Railed


Kimber 1911 Pro TLE/RL Holster by Alein Gear HOlsters (4-inch Railed)

Finding a holster for generic guns is easy enough, but once you start adding tactical accessories like rails or Crimson Trace grips, it can be difficult. Difficult for anyone, that is, but Alien Gear, as our full holster lineup is available as a Kimber 1911 Pro TLE/RL holster.

Alien Gear makes IWB and OWB models for railed 1911s, with use as a Kimber 1911 Pro TLE/RL concealed carry holster in mind firstly and fore-mostly.

Every model comes with our retention-adjustable shells, which can be adjusted by the wearer for the retention force and draw they prefer. Additionally, our IWB models can be adjusted for grip cant and ride height, so you can get a custom carry experience without the lead time or layout. All Alien Gear holsters also come with lifetime shell swaps, if you ever replace your gun, and a lifetime Iron Clad Guarantee against any defect or damage.

Our IWB holsters are the Cloak Tuck and Cloak Tuck 3.0. The original Tuck is a classic leather hybrid holster, available in heavy-duty black or tan leather. The 3.0 is a modern multi-layer holster, featuring a spring steel core, neoprene back padding and our Alien Skin surfacing material. This holster doesn’t need breaking in, is equally flexible and strong, and keeps your gun secured until you want it to move.

If you prefer OWB, the Cloak Slide OWB holster is likewise available, made from the same leather as the Cloak Tuck. Likewise, it can be had in black or tan. Along with the guarantees, you also get a 30-day test drive with purchase. Take up to 30 days to see if Alien Gear is right for you. If unsatisfied, return for a refund within that period.