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Holsters for Kimber - 1911 Royal 5 inch


Kimber 1911 Royal 5-inch Holster

People buy Kimber 1911s because they want quality, performance, modern features and an American-made firearm. You should expect nothing less of a Kimber 1911 Royal 5-inch holster.

That’s exactly what you’ll get from Alien Gear. We don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of our holsters, we engineer them for maximum performance and longevity and they are made in America. Every one of our models will serve for open carrying or as a Kimber 1911 Royal 5-inch concealed carry holster.

Every model we make has an adjustable retention shell. Many other companies simply rivet the shell to a holster base. Alien Gear uses a collapsible bushing and bolt system, which allows you to set it as tight or loose as you prefer. Our IWB holsters also have adjustable belt clips - or optional loops - that can be adjusted for ride height and cant, so you carry how you want rather than how the holster dictates.

Alien Gear IWB holsters can be had in either a classic leather holster in black or tan - the original Cloak Tuck - or in a multi-layer, ultra-modern design, the Tuck 3.0. The 3.0 is made using a spring steel core, a neoprene back layer and our Alien Skin surface which never scuffs a gun’s finish but also holds it in place while in the holstered. Those who prefer OWB holsters can select the Cloak Slide, our OWB model made from the same heavy-duty leather as the Cloak Tuck, and also comes in black or tan.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but Alien Gear holsters are. In fact, they are thrice guaranteed. You will get a 30-day Test Drive to make sure the holster is the one for you. Return it within 30 days if not. You will get free shell swaps, where you can trade your retention shell in for a new model if you get a new gun, for as long as you have the holster. You can also expect that we will fix or replace the holster if it sustains any damage or has any manufacturing defects. That’s the Alien Gear way. Sign yourself up for a test drive today; it may be the last holster you need to buy.