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Holsters for Magnum Research - Baby Desert Eagle Semi Compact Polymer With Rail


Baby Desert Eagle Holsters by Alien Gear

Looking for a holster for a Baby Desert Eagle? Alien Gear Holsters has outside the waistband and inside the waistband holsters designed and fitted for the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Semi-compact Polymer with rail.

Each baby eagle holster was engineered and crafted for comfort. Our two IWB holsters and two OWB holsters designed for this handgun are made in America with a system of materials that function together and with the body.

The Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster is the product of more than a year of research and development. It's a modular OWB holster that can be altered from a paddle holster to a belt slide holster. Its paddle clip has a retention lip that prevents the holster from being pried from the waistline.

The Cloak Slide OWB belt slide holster is a system made for utility. It has a solid leather backer and a tough shell that's fitted to the contours of your sidearm.

The Cloak Tuck is a leather IWB holster with a swappable shell, as is the case with all these holsters.

The award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.0 is an IWB hybrid holster with a backer designed for comfortable concealment. It has a layer of neoprene that molds to the waistline, wicking moisture from the handgun and cushioning the holster against the body. The core features two materials: ballistic nylon for strength and durability, and spring steel that flexes to the body for support. The front layer has the iconic Alien Skin thermo elastomer texture, which provides drag and retention.

Retention, cant and ride height are all adjustable on the Cloak Tuck 3.0 system. You control the personality of your IWB holster.

Swappable shells are made for the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Semi Compact Polymer with rail.

Carrying extra ammunition? Good. We offer single and double OWB and IWB mag carriers that may be bundled with any holster to save a few bucks on the purchase.

All these pieces of open carry and concealed carry equipment are covered under the Alien Gear Iron Clad Guarantee. This includes a Forever Warranty, a 30-day test drive and free shell trades for life.