Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Commander 4.25 inch barrel Holsters
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Holsters for Para Ordnance - 1911 Elite Commander 4.25 inch


Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Commander 4.25-Inch Holster

Commander and Officer 1911s are considered by many to be the perfect EDC. They’re small enough to be concealable, have proportions that make concealment easy and it’s the 1911, one of the most proven pistols in existence. Therefore, finding a Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Commander 4.25-inch concealed carry holster is likely what people want more than an open carry rig. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either; any Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Commander 4.25-inch holster will serve adroitly in either capacity.

Alien Gear has built it’s reputation on concealment with comfort, and that’s what we deliver. If leather is what you prefer, you can select the Cloak Slide OWB or Cloak Tuck. Both are made from premium hide, and can be had in black or tan. Those after a more modern product can select the Cloak Tuck 3.0. The 3.0 features a spring steel core, neoprene backing and Alien Skin textured surface. The result is a holster with better retention, moisture-proofing and a frictioned top layer that keeps your gun secured to your person.

All models feature retention adjustable shells, so you can set the draw you prefer. Additionally, the Cloak Tuck models both have adjustable belt clips, so ride height and cant can be adjusted as well. Every Alien Gear holster is backed by our Iron Clad guarantee, which includes a 30-day test drive so you can be sure it’s the holster for you, and lifetime shell trades if you ever trade in your gun. Lastly, we guarantee every holster for life against defect or damage.