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Holsters for Para Ordnance - 1911 Elite Target 5 inch


Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Target 5-Inch Holster

Finding a Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Target 5-inch holster is easy. Finding one that can conceal, and do so in comfort, however, is not. Concealing full-size pistols is never the easiest thing to do, but it can be with Alien Gear holsters. All of our models excel as a Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Target 5-inch concealed carry holster, whether it’s an OWB model or Para Ordnance 1911 Elite Target 5-inch IWB holster that you’re interested in. Alien Gear has both.

IWB holsters by Alien Gear include the Cloak Tuck and the Cloak Tuck 3.0. The original Cloak Tuck is a leather hybrid holster, made from premium hide and available in black or tan. If you’d prefer something a little more cutting edge, the 3.0 is a modern, multi-layer holster engineered for the ultimate carry.

The 3.0 is built around a spring steel core, making the holster durable, strong and also flexible. The back layer is moisture-proof neoprene, and it’s surfaced in Alien Skin, a high-friction thermoelastomer that won’t scuff a finish while creating enough friction to keep a firearm in place once holsters. The result is a firearm that stays in place once secured, doesn’t get wet, doesn’t need break-in and keeps your gun where you place it.

For those who prefer carrying out of the waistband can also select the Cloak Slide OWB, available in the same leather as the Cloak Tuck. All Alien Gear holsters feature an adjustable retention shell, so the wearer can set the draw they prefer. The Cloak Tuck holsters also have adjustable belt clips, so ride height and cant can be set as well. Every Alien Gear holster also comes with an Iron Clad guarantee, including free retention shell swaps for life and a 30-day Test Drive period to try the holster after you buy, but decide it isn’t the right holster for you. We also offer a lifetime guarantee for every holster we make.