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Holsters for Para Ordnance - 1911 Executive Carry 3 inch


Para Ordnance 1911 Executive Carry 3-Inch Holster

Executive 1911s are designed for concealed carry, so finding a Para Ordnance 1911 Executive Carry 3-inch concealed carry holster to go with one makes perfect sense. The best of them will do so comfortably enough to wear for extended periods and last a long time. That’s exactly how Alien Gear makes holsters, including every Para Ordnance 1911 Executive Carry 3-inch gun holster model we make.

Take, for instance, the Cloak Tuck 3.0. The 3.0 has a spring steel core, which gives the holster great retention strength but also flexibility. The back of the holster is moisture-proof neoprene, and the front is Alien Skin, our proprietary high-friction thermoelastomer that keeps a holstered gun from slipping but doesn’t touch the finish. The holster needs no break-in, stay put once secured to the wearer and is built to last.

Then there’s the original Cloak Tuck and Cloak Slide OWB holster. Both are leather, but are noticeably thicker than leather holsters from many other brands. That makes for a leather holster that, once broken in, will wear comfortably and longer than many other leather holsters. All Alien Gear holsters use an adjustable retention shell, so you can set the draw that you want. The Cloak Tuck holsters also can be adjusted for grip angle, or cant, and ride height, so you can get a custom carry without the lead time involved in a custom carry set up.

You also get an Iron Clad guarantee, including lifetime shell swaps if you ever replace your pistol, a 30-day test drive after receiving the holster to make sure it’s the right model for you, and a forever guarantee of the holster itself. Defect, damage, it doesn’t matter what; we will replace it if anything happens. Schedule your 30-day test drive today, and you’ll find out that Alien Gear truly is out of this world.