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Holsters for Ruger P89


Ruger P89 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Some people insist that it isn't possible to carry a full-size in comfort - which is why you'll think the carry experience with a Ruger P89 holster by Alien Gear Holsters is right out of this world. We engineer our holsters from the ground up to carry comfortably, conceal easily, and last for years and years of reliable service.

Our Ruger P89 gun holster designs also offer you versatility and customizability that so many other holster designs simply don't. For instance, you can dial in the retention to the exact setting you desire with our adjustable retention shell mounting hardware. You'll also appreciate the fit of a custom holster without the lead time or expense, as we mold every retention shell to exactly the make and model firearm you order the holster for.

Select models are also adjustable for ride height and grip cant. Select models are also compatible with our Cloak Dock holster mount system, which lets you dock a holster on any compatible surface you attach the mount to.

Since Alien Gear employs a hybrid holster design, the retention shell for this firearm is secured to the backer of your choice, whether it's a Ruger P89 concealed carry holster or open carry rig that you're after.

Want a Ruger P89 IWB holster for concealed carry? Choose from the Cloak Tuck or Cloak Tuck 3.0 holsters. Both are IWB holsters designed to carry comfortably and conceal with ease. If tradition is your mission, the Cloak Tuck is a leather hybrid IWB holster made with plush 12-oz leather and available in black or tan. If you like something a little more advanced, the 3.0 is your go-to - the 3.0 has a multi-layer design for the ultimate in comfort, with a neoprene backer, textured surface and spring steel core for longevity and secure carry.

Like to carry openly on occasion? Choose from the Cloak Slide or Cloak Mod Ruger P89 OWB holster models. The Slide is a leather hybrid belt slide holster, riding high and tight in black or tan leather. The Cloak Mod is a modular OWB holster unlike any other, as it can be worn as a Ruger P89 paddle holster or belt slide.

Need a P89 magazine carrier? Oh - we have those too - the Cloak Mag double or single mag carrier. Add one for a discount if you'd like to pack a spare mag or two.

Along with the features, you also get Alien Gear's Iron Clad Guarantee. That includes:

  • 30-Day Test Drive: you can return the holster for a full refund in the first month of ownership
  • Lifetime Retention Shell Trades: you can get a new retention shell if you ever trade in your pistol for a new one
  • Lifetime Warranty: we fully warranty our holsters for life. We'll fix it or give you a new one.